canfield 12-5

No respect

American values may be the new Rodney Dangerfield. Two young women use YouTube to insult our military fallen at the Tomb of the Unknowns with a single-finger salute to those who died to insure them that right. No respect.

Thanksgiving Day saw fewer gratefully bowed heads, rather, an excuse to gobble 5,000 calorie meals, swear at the flat-screen football images, swill beer and plan a Black Friday excursion to secure another mind-numbing electronic gadget. No respect.

In years gone by, we as a nation observed nine holidays to honor great presidents, pray for our lost heroes, celebrate our independence, give thanks to God and faith based Jewish & Christian celebrations now reduced to the generic "Holiday." No respect.

We have devolved. Our sacred holidays are now opportunities to avoid work, gluttony, get drunk, die on the highways and participate in retail free-for-alls. On the coattails of the "me first" election, traditional American values once bright, strong and vibrant are fading to pastel. At home and abroad America, bemused, utters, " No respect."

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Candidate Snider

Mr. Sorchych,
I hope this email finds you well, and you and your family had a great Thanksgiving holiday. It has been some months since we last spoke following your publication about the fire district issue, and my bringing it to your attention that I was not (and still am not, nor will I for that matter) be working to assemble a fire district in the town following the hard fought defeat of Question 1's property tax. I write today because certain things have just come to light and I want to ensure a ridiculous false claim by Candidate Snider does not result in a similar mis-representation of my positions or actions regarding the community. If word of this has managed to get back to me this quickly, I trust it will reach you in short order and it is only appropriate that I set the record straight.

Apparently Steve Snider, a gentlemen whose company I have only had the pleasure of being in less than a handful of times last spring when the Enchanted Canyon Resort had our neighborhood up in arms, has determined his campaign strategy is to hitch his horse to my wagon. While I am certainly flattered that in the face of the intense scrutiny cast upon my candidacy four years ago anyone would want to be associated with my politics in Cave Creek, his self-proclaimed association/collaboration with me is non-existent. When I first learned of this nearly two weeks ago, I sent an email to Mr. Snider alerting him to this fact and requesting he stop making such representations. Unfortunately, as it turns out, he did not digest that message.

Today it came to my attention that since receiving the above reference email Mr. Snider took it upon himself to call Maureen DeCindis, Transportation Planner for MAG, and claimed that he and I, along with other potential candidates he apparently considers himself allied with, were actively opposed to the Bike Lane Project she and the Town are working on. This is of particular concern to me, as I do not even know the details of this project well enough to take a firm position on the matter at this time, let alone ever shared my position with Mr. Snider.
I want to be abundantly clear and on the record; I am in no way campaigning with or for Mr. Snider, and I completely disavow any representation that he has made of my positions to the community.

If there is any question about this or any other matter, feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Adam Trenk
Former Cave Creek Councilman


Just wondering … still

Many are still concerned about Obama’s place of birth, and that is certainly of concern, but in thinking about it further, I am wondering when/if he actually became an American citizen AFTER giving up his citizenship of birth to become an Indonesian citizen. To my understanding the Indonesian government does not allow dual citizenship, so even if Obama was born in Hawaii, that would no longer be relevant.

As to his birth in Hawaii: If he was born in Hawaii, wouldn’t he have an Hawaiian social security number (rather than one of a deceased man from Connecticut)? And if he was in college as an American citizen, wouldn’t he have filed his selective service papers at that time? Just wondering … still.

Melinda Schussele
Cave Creek


Mr. Snider

Mayor Francia,
Recently there have been statements attributed to me regarding the proposed Bicycle Path project the Town of Cave Creek is working on. Apparently, a Mr. Steve Snider called Ms. DeCindis at MAG, claiming that I and others are opposed to the project.

I want you to know that the statements made by Mr. Snider, claiming to speak for me, are false and was made without my knowledge and certainly without my approval. I have never discussed the issue with Mr. Snider. In fact I don’t know enough about the project to have an opinion one way or the other.

I repudiate any actions and statements that Mr. Snider has made regarding my position on anything. I am not now nor will I in the future be associated with Mr. Snider and his campaign.

Best regards,

Reg Monachino
Cave Creek


Restriction on freedom of expression

Ever since the mid 1990’s, I have been advocating for the federal government to leave the Internet alone – not to regulate or tax it. Internet businesses have lobbied for hands off as well, and for the most part it has remained pure. So, I am not surprised that the Internet has surpassed its original purpose – commerce and communication. Today, it is a freedom of expression and free speech channel. People have mobilized to protests. It received credit for enabling oppressed people to gather in mass and topple mighty dictators.

Iran, China and Russia know it is a powerful tool. They know it transcends borders, language, culture and religion. While in those countries they control the media and communications, this month they have the fortuities opportunity to apply relentless pressure on UN members at the United Nations International Telecommunications Union conference in Dubai. Their aim is to have the UN be the body that regulates and controls the Internet. The move is so alarming, that Google has posted the following pledge on its website: “A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.” If the Internet is left in the hands of the UN, world-wide censorship could happen.

This is another flash point for the White House and a chance to exercise strong leadership. U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer, who will head the U.S. delegation to the conference, must be clear and unequivocal in America’s position on free speech and freedom of expression on the Internet. Mr. Kramer must be effective in vocalizing passion and strength in conviction for a free and open Internet, and not cave to International pressures.

Ray Torres


Want to give more of your time and talents to help the horses?

Here's your chance!

This past year we have made significant changes to our organization. We have added individuals who are now focusing on fundraising, community outreach and volunteer training. We have refocused our efforts on getting more horses adopted through the use of our new website, along with an enhanced effort on our facebook page. We have also formed a strategic alliance with another rescue, Footprints of the Heart, of Marana, Arizona in an attempt to broaden the base of potential adopters for both rescues horses.

As we continue our move forward, we need to locate volunteers with specific talents, or those who would be willing to take on some of the tasks listed below. Our goal is to find many people willing to play a small role, rather than a few willing to play a very large role. This makes the time commitment much more manageable as most everyone seems to have extremely busy lives.

At this time we are looking for individuals with the following talents:
• Graphic Designer
• Spreadsheets
• Working knowledge of
google docs
• Writer
• Internet Researcher
We need individuals willing to perform the following tasks:
• Mail list maintenance
• Volunteer recruiting using
volunteer match
• Help with website, and/or
• Horse maintenance records
• Other social media, twitter,
• Maintaining the calendar
• Organize and catalog library
• Posting our horses to other
than our own website
• Maintenance of horse records,
ie. coming in, getting adopted
• Maintenance of horse health
• Monitor/check fostered horses
• Monitor/check adopted horses

This is by no means an all inclusive list. As we move forward, we will have more opportunities for more hands on activities with the horses.

If you have an interest in filling one of these roles, or you have a special talent that you feel would be of value to the organization, please contact Ken Bacher at

Thank You,

Ken Bacher
President, Triple R Horse Rescue


Hate is alive and well in Carefree

Dear Carefree Citizens:
Below is a letter, put out over the Internet, and sent to me from a citizen disgusted by the hate and animosity it contained. While the contents of this particular letter may be derogatory towards me, it is the same nastiness that has permeated political elections in Carefree in the past. Sadly, it clearly shows the more seedy side of Carefree politics.

Re: Front page November 21, 2012 Sonoran News photo and article promoting Bob (my-thoughts-go-nowhere) Coady - political exposure you can't buy! Obviously the SN is welcoming back an easily manipulated, persistently sullen, dull-witted, but oh so favorite son!

So, here he comes again! Mr. Coady apparently is making an attempt to retrieve a place on the Town Council dais that he abandoned quite recently, only this time he wants the top position, the mayor’s station. He wants to return to slobber his vitriol and mindless sound-bites regarding innocuous and often fabricated Carefree Town concerns. He brings nothing but acrimony, anger and venom to council meetings – he certainly isn’t there to offer an intellect or a thoughtful comment that advances the discussion in a positive direction.

Even though Mr. Coady just obtained his election filing packet (per the SN), he immediately picked-up where he left-off as an embarrassing councilman, lacking in substance but already spreading his scurrilous barbs towards Mayor Schwan, as is apparent in his letter to the editor published in the same edition of the SN (research on the signage coming to vote in December meeting and the tree cutting), a letter that provides no historical context nor provides alternatives that the writer would have suggested be put in place, just more innuendo and accusation without any background or substantive framework provided. What nonsense!
Mr. Coady, like our recently re-elected, disgraceful U.S. President is an empty suit (or chair?). This was made quite clear to any discerning citizens who ever attended a Carefree Town Council meeting at which former Councilman Coady was an occupant of a seat at the councilperson dais.

He clearly lacks any sort of basic knowledge of city/town economics, is devoid of the first indication that a single management skill exists, or the first notion of the slightest business expertise, as is quite apparent by witnessing his past performances at town council meetings. His role in the past was to disrupt and derogate most of his Town Council colleagues. Clearly, he has never been responsible for a P&L or had any significant management accountability. His prior comments, questions and suggestions demonstrate a clear absence of a modicum of understanding relative to the fiscal workings of the town’s fiduciary activities. His business acumen falls somewhere between paltry and nil - so he becomes the self-anointed expert at playing "gotcha games," an expert at blurting false, meritless accusations, brow beating the town staff, accusing others of misdeeds based on hearsay, or insinuation without corroborating verification, or venting trumped-up accusations that attempt to inflate his own importance and image as an effective council participant.

If he runs and enough uninformed citizens vote for him, all I can say is, sadly – just another example of naive voters who do not attend Carefree Town Council meetings, but let others tell them how to vote, for whom to vote and paying attention to contrived fictions regarding why to vote in a suggested manner.

Carefree Citizens - go to your town council meetings (first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM) and become informed and see how well run and cohesive our current council is. Listen to the financial reports and status of the town accountant and town administrator. Become aware of the very sound, exemplary fiscal situation and significant town revenue surplus. If you can't make the council meeting, take the time to watch the council meeting on YouTube as it is recorded and posted following every meeting. Don’t vote to have us go back to the previous anti-productive antics of Coady and his cohorts in the local media!

For the sake of your Town, don't drink the Coady Kool-Aid!

Barbara Groszkruge

I do not believe that Carefree needs this type of discord. I hope that you agree; let the viciousness end here.

Bob Coady


Dear Arizona Taxpayer

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity is grateful to Governor Jan Brewer for rejecting the state-funded ObamaCare/PPACA Exchange and thereby protecting Arizona businesses, taxpayers and health care consumers. As Governor Brewer noted in her news release on the topic, a state-funded Exchange would be very expensive for Arizona taxpayers, and the federal government "would maintain control over virtually every aspect of our Exchange."

AFP-Arizona is also grateful to all of the Arizona Legislators who stood their ground against the state-funded Exchange in the face of intense lobbying pressure from corporate interests that had been bought off by ObamaCare's system of government mandates and subsidies. Further, AFP-Arizona is grateful to its donors for supporting us through this long fight, and we are grateful for the policy advice afforded to us by members of our coalition, including the Goldwater Institute and the Cato Institute. Finally, and most importantly, AFP-Arizona is grateful to the thousands of grassroots activists in Arizona who took action against the Arizona Exchange by writing emails, making phone calls, and confronting elected officials at public meetings – more than anything else, their activism (YOUR activism!) won this battle.

The fight to contain and control the wide-ranging damage of the ObamaCare legislation is far from over, and AFP-Arizona is now ready to fight ObamaCare's hugely expensive (but optional!) Medicaid expansion here in Arizona. But it's important to take the time to celebrate our victories, such as the ObamaCare exchange and the Prop 204 sales tax hike on the November 6 ballot.

And on the topic of Prop 204, AFP-Arizona wishes to express our deep gratitude to Governor Brewer for taking a firm stance against the permanent one-cent sales tax hike. Governor Brewer promised Arizonans in 2010 that her intention was for the Prop 100 sales tax hike to be a temporary expedient, and she kept her promise.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

End the Disabled Veterans Tax, only paid by disabled veterans

Imagine a tax, so exclusive, that only disabled veterans pay.

These disabled veterans whom actively served the military from 15 years to 19 years, 11 months, and 30 days. These disabled veterans whom lost their careers early, before serving 20 years of military service because of legal government discrimination against the service-connected, greater disabled service-members. These disabled veterans whom were placed into early financial hardship because of their forced early medical retirement, with a loss of retirement benefits and classified as Chapter 61 retirees. These disabled veterans whom are the only group to pay a "Disabled Veterans Tax" and the "Deceased Veterans Tax" called "Concurrent Receipt."

The Disabled Veterans Tax is a tax, so exclusive, it is paid only by the disabled veterans medically separated from the military before they can serve 20 years of active service. This tax is equal up to the disabled veterans' entire retirement pay because of the Concurrent Receipt laws. The greater percentage of disability of the disabled veteran, the greater the retirement that is lost due to the Disabled Veterans Tax. Upon death, the veteran's spouse loses all of the retirement insurance (the "Deceased Veterans Tax") with only the insurance payments paid back to the spouse.

The American with Disabilities Act protects us against these types of discrimination, except when it is conducted by the federal government. The military takes advantage of this by forcibly separating the medical disabled them from military service, and the offer early retirement to non-disabled service-members whom served greater than 15 years. These service-members offered early retirement can receive a retirement pay, even if they receive disability pay from the Department of Veterans Affairs, UNLESS they are ongoing Chapter 61 forced medical retirement.

Please end this discrimination targeting only disabled veterans. Write your Congressmen to end this discrimination. Write to the President, whom promised to end this Concurrent Receipt on his first term in office. Help stop the military services and Congress from treating these disabled veterans as second-class, disabled military rejects. I served 19 years, 4 months and 26 days of my career and all my retirement pay lost, solely due to my service-connected disabilities.
There are another 120,000-121,000 veterans just like me, treated as second-class, disabled veteran rejects. Please write to our federal government leaders to end the "Disabled Veterans Tax" and the "Deceased Veterans Tax" called "Concurrent Receipt."

Thank You.

Dale Hillman, SFC,
U.S. Army (forced retired)
Sierra Vista