Your View | January 13 - 19, 2010

Wow! Looking at the front page of the Jan. 6 issue of Sonoran News it is easy to see why people say “there is no good news.” The bad news ranges from household and business fires to bull and horse back riding accidents with injuries and even local pain in the derriere, Anna Marsolo. Let’s hope as the year rolls on there is good news!

If I recall Linda Bentley’s original article (or perhaps it was in the follow up she did) the two Jewel of the Creek vandals and killers wrote letters of apology as part of their sentencing. Did you people really expect they would be sincere? I think it was a good idea to make them write the letters, but these aren’t the kind of young men who care about anyone but themselves. Their letters proved it.

Surely Mayor Schwan must realize that he lacks the expertise and public support to be mayor. Carefree is bleeding and he is not willing to even consider a band-aid. Where is his honor that he would subject us all to this recall election?

Who decided it would be a good idea to have a balloon festival when even those of us who live here cannot get around because Cave Creek Road is down to one lane until work on the sewer treatment plant is complete? Great idea! Bad timing.

Mayor David Schwan had the chutzpah to send Carefree residents, at town expense, a "State of Our Town" letter claiming "Carefree is in a solid and very favorable financial condition." However, the town's November financial report, approved at the January 2010 council meeting, showed a revenue decline of 20 percent from last year. The estimated shortfall for the fiscal 2009-10 year is estimated to be $600,000.

Thank you for setting the story straight on the bull riding accident. Word on the street was that the rider had died. Glad to know he just needed medical treatment, not an undertaker.

Mayo Clinic has begun to refuse to accept patients on government run Medicare because it cannot reimburse the provider for what medical care costs. It is this government that Obama thinks should run our entire national health care program. This is obviously not the brightest guy who’s held the office of president and evidently his advisors are not very bright either.

Why the Jan. 4 letter to we citizens of Carefree from Mayor David Schwan? Since it is not a historical mailing on the date I have to assume it is to help his chances to avoid recall. That makes it a political mailing at taxpayer’s expense prohibited by law. This as well as bid practices should be investigated by authorities.

In reference to the Guest Editorial in the Jan. 6 issue of Sonoran News entitled “A Perfect Union”: It’s about time we take a hard look at the issues raised by Patterson. Unless you have children in school you may not know that forcing social acceptance of members of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community is being shielded by “diversity.” Obama has made no secret of his intentions and unless we have the ‘national conversation’ the writer suggests, 20 years from now we will be looking back on an irreversible mistake.
Editor note: Patterson’s book is about 90 pages in length.

If Mayor David Schwan actually responded to a question about the financial situation of the Town of Carefree with “We won’t know where we stand until August” he is not only stupid, he’s dangerous.

To the person who made the snide comment about publishing local news, Sonoran News is a community watchdog. In case you haven’t noticed, our ‘community’ is going global. Hello!!

Increased competition with the elimination of the ‘do not cross state lines’ insurance rule would fix the existing health care system problems.

Unbelievable to read a quote like this from Edison Electric Institute spokesman Jim Owen, “We stopped debating the science of climate change years ago.” What? They just gave in to Gore and the other maniacs? We owe a huge thank you to Americans for Prosperity, the Scottsdale Tea Party and Freedom Works for protesting for us. I had to work on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see if The Apollo Group just pays the penalty and goes back to doing business as usual. My guess is the measly $1.5 million is not going to cause much of a change in the way they operate.

I enjoy your newspaper each week about the local news but, it must be a slow week for news. Your wasting a half page on the article entitled "A Perfect Union" was just that. If Mr. Artis Patterson can't express himself any better than that his book must be 2000 boring pages. What a waste! I wasn't sure what his point was but I think he is against anal sex. He could have said that in one sentence and quit kissing Obama's ass.

AARP must be on its knees after having come out in support of Obama’s health care plan. Clint Eastwood is on the cover of the AARP magazine. I wonder what it took to get Eastwood to acquiesce.