Your View | January 6-12, 2010

Former Gov. Napolitano did an excellent job defending three of Arizona's borders. Now she is preventing terrorists from entering the U.S. from most countries. Isn't that good enough?

Thank you for publishing the letter from Mr. Intenzo in your Dec. 30 issue. Like many others who complain about editorial items in your publication, he is unable to comprehend two relatively straightforward concepts. Opinion and freedom of speech, Mr. Intenzo, permitted your distorted views to be published.

Big surprise, Schwan joined Kiwanis. He has been doing as he’s been told for more than 5 years so why stop now. Vanik probably assured him of at least 500 votes; now all he needs is to find more ways to keep other residents from voting.

Intenzo da enforsa, like his neighbor, friend, and fellow thug Miller doesn’t get it. Signing a ‘Your View’ is a guaranty of reprisal in Carefree.

Carefree doesn’t have a fire department; they have a $4M monument that houses a fire truck and employees rented from Rural/Metro for more than $1M per year. Cave Creek has a voter approved, timed to expire property tax to pay for land preservation. Carefree needs a property tax to pay for image renovation.

The version of truth that Intenzo person discerns is manufactured each week at the Kiwanis meetings. Carefree members needed night lights to find the Kool-Aid.

A pre-Constitution anonymous author wrote in a pamphlet, “If the reasoning in the pamphlet you allude to is just, it will have its effect on candid and discerning minds; – if weak and inconclusive, my name cannot render it otherwise.” I submit requiring names to be associated with Your View comments would only invite retaliation from petty, vindictive members of the good old boy crowd, desperately seeking to keep control of Carefree town affairs in the hands of the few.

Hey Intenzo, if you don't like the Your View section, don't read it. This guy must be some horse's patootie!

I am in Carefree and I have a New Year’s resolution. I will, between now and March, talk to a least two hundred voters and tell them why they should vote against David Schwan and for John Traynor. Friends have pledged to do the same. Schwan is an embarrassment and Traynor is the kind of candidate we need to send the good ole boys packing.

I am looking at the Dec 9-15 issue of Sonoran News and responding to a Your View opinion. Someone was complaining about sandwich boards all over town and how terrible, dangerous and unsightly they are. I just moved into this community about a year ago, and I think they are very quaint. They are certainly not dangerous considering they are not in the middle of the road – if anyone is a halfway decent driver they aren’t a problem. I don’t understand what the big issue is about. This is old fashioned advertising at its best. People need to do what they need to do to advertise their businesses. As long as they are not in the middle of the road there shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever.

I’d like to commend you on putting out a paper that actually has local news in it. What a concept. You did all right until you got to the letters to the editor and you had letters from Los Angeles and Crafton, Maryland – about the U.S.’ illegal president. Nice try. You’re getting there. Let’s get back to local news, please. You’re a local paper.

Again, the paper called attention to something that was not right. The paper caught Carefree trying to hire a guy with a questionable business history.

It’s sad to see more businesses with their doors shuttered. Although the economy is improving slightly, we’re going to see more doors close before this is over.

I think Mr. Intenzo needs a reality check. I don't need turn lanes or directional signs to pick up my mail. As for those gas lamps; Councilman Gemmill needs a good spanking for that useless expense.

The CDC states that in week 51 of 2009 just four states (Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia) reported "widespread influenza activity." Another 13 states had "regional influenza activity." The remaining states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam had "local, sporadic, or no influenza activity." The U.S. federal government has contracts to purchase 250 million doses of swine flu vaccine. Do you think that is why the government is still pushing their H1N1 vaccines? This development reminds me of the line from an old joke, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

If you haven't had your swine flu inoculation yet, consider contacting the French health ministry. The government bought 94 million swine flu vaccine doses and only about five million persons are recorded as having been vaccinated in France so far.

Thank you for your constant efforts to entertain us with the wildlife photographs Sonoran News readers submit. The bobcats on the front page last week were just amazing!