Your View | December 30 - January 5, 2009

Dear Cave Creek and Carefree: We are arguing over a Walmart when we should be looking at what is going on in our towns now as well as down the road. We have illegal businesses in our towns now, not later. Loop holes in the E-verify system has criminals working in our towns. Walmart may be coming to our little towns, but what about the guys who are trimming our trees? Food for thought!

I have lived in Maricopa County for over 40 years and it is about time (Joe) Arpaio and (Andy) Thomas went after the county supervisors. I am 100 percent behind their brave and aggressive assault on illegal aliens and to clean up the county. Where was the Arizona Republic when all the shenanigans were played? Last on their priority list is investigative reporting. Wish you guys were a statewide weekly.

The rarest person is anyone who brags about voting for Barack Obama. I can’t find a soul who does. Thanks to the national media we are socializing our beautiful country at an incredibly fast pace. If they don’t start printing and speaking the truth we are doomed.

Conflict tests a man’s worth and leadership. Recently, Schwan failed this test. When the recall movement started Schwan had a tremendous opportunity to show his strength and character. He could have chosen to protect citizens whose rights came under attack. Instead, he either ignored these violations or, worse, was behind them. It was at this moment that he revealed his weak, petty and self-serving nature. In the past, I always voted for Schwan, but now he’s let me and all the other Carefree citizens down. Come March, I will be voting for someone else.

I was happy to hear John Traynor entered the race. Last election he ran as a last minute write-in and came, impressively, within a mere 11 votes of winning. For a write-in candidate to do so well is unprecedented in Carefree! John’s intellect, leadership and genuine concern for our town, along with his financial expertise, will go a long way in fixing our town’s economic problems and restoring citizens’ faith in their town council’s integrity. John Traynor will make an excellent councilman. He has my full support and my vote!

Enjoyed the front page “pictorial” edition last week. I hope I’m not becoming acclimated to brief cutline-sized statements like on the Internet or in the USA TODAY style. Anyway, keep up the good work, you are exactly what a community newspaper should be. Let your critics stew in their own spleen.

Becky Fenger’s “Quotes of the decade” was fascinating. Who would have thought those things happened? She must have quite a filing system to come up with the quotes, or was it effective use of online resources? I save clippings but they are so disordered I can never find quotes I remembered but can’t find the details. Maybe she should hold a class?

Although I enjoyed the My View editorial I am not sure of the title. Are you really a Christian Don? From what I know about A Course in Miracles (and I have studied it) the jury is still out as to whether ACIM is blasphemy or truly Christ speaking. Like you, I have studied several psychics who channeled and certainly Edgar Cayce is notable. I wasn’t led to ACIM through synchronicity, like you, but still find it interesting; however, I remain a mainline Protestant.

Luke Southwood wrote a letter to the editor by dictum of Judge Preston. Would he have written the apology without the push of the judiciary? Exactly why should the public forgive the gangsterism of Southwood and his friend, Adam MacDonald who also wrote a drippy apology? Maybe forgiveness is expected as we are in the Christmas season. Sorry, I’m from the eye-for-an-eye school. I say put them in jail for an extended period or expect more of the same.

I found J-P Maldonado’s guest editorial to be timely and literate. I would like to see that guy in legislative office. This state needs brains and Mr. Maldonado seems to have brain cells in abundance.

Does the rip off, tax laden, socialistic Obamacare plan scare the pants off you? It does me. Are you ready to concede Obama is the tool of socialists? If you bothered to read his book that would be enough to vote for someone as nutty as John McCain instead of the great imposter. We are rapidly bankrupting the country. Keep discussing his birthplace Sonoran News – that may be our only hope.

Janet "I went to law school" Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security … with this jackass making the decisions for Homeland Security with the same insight she used to "govern" Arizona you can kiss your safety goodbye. John McCain, what the hell were you thinking when you backed her nomination?

I hope a proven conservative runs against Governor Jan Brewer in the primary. No conservative free trade candidate would ask for a vote to increase taxes, you just don’t. On the other hand, we must vote out the entitlements which are handcuffing our legislature. We need that opportunity. But if we stick with Brewer we will end up getting Terry Goddard, another Janet Napolitano.