Your View | November 11 - 17, 2009

Kudos to Cave Creek for “Cave Creek Wicked!!” I've lived here 15 years and this was one of the best times I've had. We need more of these events. This is why small town living is the best!! ... and yes, we're part of the seriously disturbed. We were out until 3 a.m.

I am tired of people being tired of trivial things like school buses “that hog the road.” Does this person not realize that the economy is in the toilet, people are out of work and the only things for which we are ranked #1 in the world are the Olympics and consumption? Does the author of this short-sighted view fail to realize that the parents of children that use buses would probably prefer to drop “their darlings” off at school themselves? Unfortunately circumstances such as having jobs that require them to be there before the start of school prohibits that parental escort service. Maybe this person should be more productive and get to work earlier; then they would miss the school traffic altogether and maybe get a promotion and perhaps stop being so bitter about taxes. By the way, I am a product of the CCUSD, which is subject to the “damned override” and am looking forward to my darlings going through the same school system too.

To the jerk whining about all the pink last month, I’m sorry that you had prostate cancer, but to put down ANY cause is pretty pathetic. Get a life!!!

Several years ago the east bound 2 lanes of Carefree Highway were resurfaced from approximately 7th Street to Cave Creek. It was resurfaced with rubberized asphalt if I'm correct. The asphalt on both sides of the bridge in both directions was ground down to be resurfaced. Many years later, the West bound 2 lanes are horrible. Terrible pot holes are present near the CVS store, and the surface by the bridge is still rough. It makes you wonder how this has sat for more than 3 years.

This is in response to the ignorant @$$ that stated he's inconvenienced by the school bus on his way to work. Your tax dollars help pay for these school buses so our children can be SAFELY brought to and from school. Have you never ridden a bus? Or had a child of your own? I suggest you leave 5 minutes earlier to get to work downtown (probably in your high end SUV that is polluting our air, as well as your ignorant comments!). Grow up, and grow some!

Dear prostate cancer survivor: The ribbon color for your disease is a lovely shade of light blue. Breast cancer gets more coverage I believe because the women of our country raise our children and keep the home fires burning. We are the caregivers of those with prostate cancer as well as others. Your cancer is not minimized in my eyes due to the battle anyone with cancer undertakes because they want to live! My sister-in-law and her mother had pink ribbons. My father (colon cancer) had a navy blue ribbon. There were no ribbons for my aunt, grandfather, grandmother and another aunt back in the 70s. You do have a ribbon! You are cared for, if by no one else, by me! There are a lot of websites – you just have to look. If you need help contact the paper and they will contact me.

Had a ton of fun on most of the Halloween crawl, but was really bummed when we were the second bus load from Mesquite's to C-4 and were told that they weren't taking any more contestants. I say no fair.

Dear Grace Meeth: Go away. You lost your council seat in a landslide and your causes (Walmart being the latest) lost by a landslide. Even you must be able to see that you are way out of step. Or maybe you aspire to be the next Anna Marsolo who was marginalized a long time ago. Tuck Anna and the rest of the dark siders under your arm and GO AWAY.

Interesting how President Zerobama is exulting over the razor-thin Socialist victory in New York's 23rd Congressional District, while ignoring the loss in the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey! Can you spell "Waterloo," Mombasa Kid?

Cave Creek owes a huge debt of gratitude to Grace Meeth and Anna Marsolo. Their leadership of the anti-Walmart referendum assured its defeat and Walmart never would have won by 76 percent without their opposition. They somehow managed to cap the anti-Walmart vote at less than 25 percent – a singularly difficult feat that would have been impossible without their involvement. Thank you Grace and Anna and we reserve the right to drag you out of the closet next time we have the need for the two biggest losers in the area.

Who would take federal money to construct a crosswalk that doesn’t protect pedestrians? Only in Carefree, where doing it wrong the first time is usually okay.