Your View | November 4 - 10, 2009

Am I mistaken, or is it illegal for Mariscal Weeks’ Gary Birnbaum to call four council members about a subject which will go to council for a vote? If it isn’t illegal it should be and it certainly is not ethical. As a minimum they should be dropped from consideration. If Arizona has anything, it has plentiful law firms and lawyers.

OK what’s next? Diligently following Sonoran News advice we have voted for propositions 400 and 401 and against the school override. If we don’t prevail, it isn’t my fault. Seriously, thank you for the detailed coverage of both issues where the other sides, as far as we are concerned, were both amateur and professional propagandists.

Are these figures on the rent increase from $600 to $2,500 correct? That is an increase of 315 percent correct?

Could Lyn Hitchon be a secret supporter of the Schwan recall? If so, she is priceless.

So the (Susan) Vanik woman was anointed a marketing person when she hasn’t a clue. How typical of our way-less-than-distinguished mayor. I agree (Doug) Stavoe would have been perfect and yet (David) Schwan dropped him because (Bob) Gemmill, a GOB, wouldn’t work with Stavoe. Paints Schwan the right color, doesn’t it?

I read both Your Views about Adam Trenk from New Jersey and was surprised no one said he is a Drug Store cowboy. I love my horses but they don’t sit at the dining room table in my house. Easterners can become a westerner in about 10 or 15 years and not before. I hope voters have noted this event and recorded it for the 2011 election (in Cave Creek). They would probably love him back in Jersey.

The guy that was a prostate cancer survivor has a point. I am a woman 67 years old. My husband passed with that disease when he was only 62. Although the Susan Komen pink thing is good PR, it is seriously overdone and nothing even close is done for prostate disease.

Hey, had enough of Barack Hussein Obama yet? I think national media is too embarrassed to criticize him. His 30 some odd czars will bite us multiple times. If kids learned what communism and socialism were in school, they would be rioting. Where are the adults? I am ready and armed, are you?

I am going to add to the comments written about the “Jesus is Lord” sign, which was erected by the Rust family. Even though I am not especially religious, I consider my self a Christian who believes Jesus Christ lived and was a saintly person and a model to live by. Our laws give them the right to post their beliefs and I thank them for doing so. Although critics have a right to be offended and to say so, I would shun them as critics with an offensive cause.

Now that the petitions to recall David Schwan from the Carefree council have been turned in, when will Schwan resign? He has the chance of a snowball in Carefree to be re-elected. If he thinks otherwise, he is listening to Good Old Boy advice, kind of like Los Arcos years ago that destroyed (Huber) Stevens’ career.

I watched Channel 3’s piece on the Recall of Mayor (David) Schwan last week and they did a good job. Although Schwan’s performance was only seconds long it was obvious he lacks the “right stuff.” What were the Good Old Boys thinking of when they prevailed on the other three to vote this loser in? Shouldn’t someone roll up their sleeves and recall the three?

I am a Kiwanis member in Carefree and I won’t weep over your resignation. Yes we have outspoken politically motivated people among us and they, like the non-political members, contribute to our good works. If the politicians among us are willing to accept promotions and serve the community and kids then God bless them, they have my vote.

I read about your turning down Susan Vanik’s non offer and don’t blame you. I have several businesses, I advertise in Sonoran News and I understand column inches, circulation and all the rest of the jargon that rules the trade. Why in the world is she in a marketing position as Carefree councilwoman and president of Kiwanis? I would like to see a Linda Bentley exposé on how such underhanded things happen.

Listen up, Pilgrims. It is time for all good men to take to the streets, be sure to wear your sidearms, and show Washington who has a majority in this country. It ain’t them. Let’s put Obama back in the streets of Chicago where he belongs.

Well, we’ll see next week what the election results say, but I too am sick and tired of ‘it’s for the kids” and “we must protect our teachers.” First of all kids learn little at CCUSD.” If you care about kids, home school them or if you can afford it send them to private schools. Teachers? We are talking about union members you know and if they have a mind I would like to hear it in speech. They should no more be protected against layoffs than any worker. Have any of you CCUSD PAC members noticed there is a recession?