Your View | October 28 - November 3, 2009

Carefree Mayor David Schwan was quoted as saying, “It is a few disgruntled people who want to overturn an honest election.” I submit 406 far exceeds a reasonable use of “few.”

Just how is David Schwan planning to fight his recall – grow a back bone?

I was pleased to see Don’s back to back columns about Kiwanis. But what took you so long? Everybody knows they are a den of snakes hiding behind charity. Your points about their appointing “know nothing” Debbie Burdick as CCUSD superintendent is a prime example. Enjoy your Wednesdays. They won’t have you to kick around anymore, at least with you in attendance.

I really expected Mayor David Schwan to resign, didn’t you? That guy is the walking dead and doesn’t even know it. I am sure the GOBs won’t tell him as long as they can manipulate him for a few more months. I can’t wait to see the town staff on the street. They are a most deserving bunch to be pounding the pavement and who will hire them?

I am handicapping a Walmart win, big time! I have never seen a more inept group of referendum promoters. We have a few people who live near Walmart’s proposed store with a disfunctional leader supported by who but Grace Meeth and her merry band of Dark Siders. A big time bunch of losers!

Will the major media wake up in time to get rid of Obama? His presidency is the product of several generations of liberal education, suppressing our founding fathers while enhancing modern communists and one-worlders. It is time to expand the tea parties and take Washington back.

The members of Town Council of Cave Creek were damn fools to take road responsibilities in the North Mountain Reserve subdivision. Even if Walmart wins, the town needs to be fiscally responsible and this action answers my question. Without an overhaul of administration and council they will continue to spend like it is the past and continue with high water rates and higher costs of services while blaming the danged economy.

Now that Ian Ellison is gone there will be another round of attempts to merge the two town chambers. Ever hear of oil and water? The two towns are as different as night and day and never the twain shall meet. A couple of clichés work when they are true and this statement is pure logic.

If I were to guess no one you know voted for Obama; it was someone else’s fault. I hope you like living in a third world country because that is where we are headed at warp speed. You people had better hope “birthers” are right and the courts agree.

I am tired of school buses that hog the road especially where there are double stripes and no passing. I work downtown and the minutes they make me lose are valuable. My taxes pay for those obstructive vehicles and only a few pull over to let accumulated traffic pass. I say sell the buses and let parents find a way to get their darlings to school, or home school them. They won’t need their damned override either, if they would sell the buses.

I am a prostate cancer survivor and no one has assigned a color to increase awareness. You can’t believe how sick I am of seeing pink; pink everywhere on everything. I can’t even watch an NFL football game without seeing pink socks, pink gloves and stuff. I am glad I am not seeing their underwear! Ever hear of overselling an idea? And how politically correct can one be. Give it a rest.

Every time I drive by the Tumbleweed Hotel, I wave at the owners for their “Jesus is Lord” sign on the adjoining building. It is a delight to see they have the courage of their convictions and aren’t hiding out from the PC crowd and atheists.

There was a time when we identified influenza epidemics according to their source: Spanish flu; Asian flu; Hong Kong flu, etc. Why do we call the new strain of flu “H1N1,” and not “Mexican flu,” for its source? Political correctness, perhaps?
President Zerobama was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize just two weeks into his term. A wag suggests he won because he is not Bush and is not very American either. Spot on!

New Cave Creek Councilman Adam Trenk should have left his “Noo Joisey” manners at home. When he twice led his horse into the human shelter, and doused it with bottled water destined for human consumption, he proved once again that there are more horses’ asses than horses. Don, please remind Creekers about this next time Trenk, the dime store cowboy, runs for election.

Am I mistaken, or is it illegal for Mariscal Weeks’ Gary Birnbaum to call four council members about a subject which will go to council for a vote? If it isn’t illegal it should be and it certainly is not ethical. As a minimum they should be dropped from consideration. If Arizona has anything, it has plentiful law firms and lawyers.

OK what’s next? Diligently following Sonoran News advice we have voted for propositions 400 and 401 and against the school override. If we don’t prevail, it isn’t my fault. Seriously, thank you for the detailed coverage of both issues where the other sides, as far as we are concerned, were both amateur and professional propagandists.