Your View | October 21- 27, 2009

?There is always one jerk. During that wonderful Exploratory Trail Ride last Saturday to view our potential open space, east side riders met west side riders (some 110 horses) for lunch at a remote location. Riders tied or tended their horses well away from the lunch tents for obvious reasons, except one. Adam Trenk insisted on bringing his horse into the tent while he ate lunch – and was eventually asked to take his horse away, which he did – momentarily. He showed up again at the tents with his horse so it could nose around in the lunches and drink coolers, then started pouring bottles of drinking water over his horse in the same area, wasting bottled water and making a muddy mess. He was asked to leave again – more forcefully. There was plenty of water for the horses in a nearby portable water tank. Is this guy really a town council member in Cave Creek?

Will someone please tell Grace Meeth to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP; you are not a council person any more. The public has spoken!!!!!

Good job by Ryan Ducharme and thanks to Rod de Szendeffy for starting the recall process and sticking with it. Carefree has had a corrupt town hall for years and we are well on our way to cleaning it up. Think about it, Ed Morgan is gone and now so is Ian Ellison, That is a great start and getting rid of the good old boys on the council is a necessary next step. First goes Schwan. He is a dreamer if he thinks he will be reelected.

Finally, the board of the Carefree Chamber has moved on that despicable Ian Ellison, What took so long? He is as much a GOB as the other slithering creatures sliming our town. Watch for them to try and get another Ellison to head up the chamber. And Kiwanis will be involved, of course, now led by Kiwanis President Susan Vanik.

OK, so the nay sayers cost us how many months of lost sales tax revenue from Walmart? If they were to have opened fall 2010, will they now open summer 2011? What a waste of time and money for both the town (which does not have the money) and Walmart.

As is the case with most volunteer organizations, the rank and file doers accomplish 98 percent of the work and the remaining 2 percent is loudly claimed by those who wouldn’t know what to do if they actually had to work. Kiwanis is no exception.

How much money would CCUSD have saved the taxpayers if they had decided to wait until the economy rebounded before conducting an election on an override that has two years to go anyway? Add that to what they could have saved last year. Add that to the $50,000 per month in interest on monies just sitting in the bank. These are not people I want entrusted with taxpayer money or decision making that will affect our students.

Wild West Days, Cave Creek’s fall excuse for the whole town to party, is just around the corner. With Walmart about to break ground and CCUSD doomed to try to live with an infinitesimally smaller budget, life is GOOD!!

Will all of the people outside of the boundaries of the Town of Cave Creek please shut up about Walmart? We simply do not care what you think. Really. Trust us on this one.

I love it that Gary Kiernan has given sufficient credibility to anything Grace Meeth says to even consider whether or not her numbers are valid. She can’t do the math. But how nice of Gary to give her the benefit of the doubt and try to make sense of Meeth math!

To the person whining from last week about the mean spirited Your View comments: If you don’t like reading Your View don’t read it.

I know the Repulsive Republic is hopeless, but this front page headline on the Scottsdale Republic “Cave Creek mayor could face recall” is hilarious. Vince Francia maybe didn’t think it was so funny, but for those of us who have been laughing/crying at the Repulsive every morning for years it was classic Repulsive.

An organized effort to weight the votes in favor of the CCUSD override on the Sonoran News web survey is a good thing. It keeps the simple minded ones from actually accomplishing anything of significance.

Ian Ellison, like some Carefreers with British accents, seemed to think the accent was going to cover all manner of boorishness, stupidity and ethical failings. See where it got the biggest oaf. The question is: Will the others get it? Doubtful. It’s just too dim.

Leave it to the Carefree Town Council to salute and say the Pledge of Allegiance to an imaginary United States flag. Aren’t all of the people who live in Carefree so embarrassed they don’t even want to be seen in public until the mayor and several members of council have been replaced with real ones?