Your View | October 14 - 20, 2009

Former Mayor Ed "crab cakes" Morgan had a menu item named for him. A Carefree restaurant should offer "Schwan's flounder" in honor of his recall election.

Apparently trying to distance herself from the sinking good old boy Titanic, Carefree Councilwoman Susan Vanik provided the fourth vote against changing the town code after 25 years to make Wednesday the monthly council meeting date instead of Tuesday. The highly inconvenient time of 5 p.m. would have remained, however. Councilmen Glenn Miller and Gemmill supported the proposal, but neglected to mention Sonoran News would report council actions a week late had their measure passed.

One of the proposed changes to the Carefree town code would have allowed the council itself to specify council meeting dates. After a member of the audience pointed out that such a procedure is clearly against state law (that provides the town code must state the meeting date and the mayor may call additional meetings), Mayor David Schwan let the agenda item go to a vote without asking the town attorney his opinion about the legality of the wording of the proposed ordinance change. The town attorney, knowing who pays his fees, said nothing.

If the GOBs want more civility in council meetings, maybe they should put a muzzle on Gary Hayward.

Very interesting and refreshing article recently on “Another Move to make Cave Creek a Destination Town.” Ernie Bunch, Mayor Francia, Todd Newman, Bob Moore, Steve Lamar, Bambi Muller, Ian Cordwell, town citizens and others all working together to solve a problem. What a change from Meeth and her obstructionists.

A new monthly ritual has blossomed in Carefree. Council meetings now entail two special treats for the faithful. First, Gary Hayward performs his rant against your great newspaper, then glares at Coady for several minutes. This act is followed by a 'stupid question of the month' from Gemmill. This guy actually wanted the council meeting moved to Wednesday so he would have more time to perform his due diligence! There aren't enough days in the month to prepare him.

It looks like civility may have a prayer in Carefree after all. Schwan, Miller, and Gemmill had the deck stacked in their favor to change the 25 year custom of holding the council meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. Their reasons were as sincere as Gemmill's cowboy boots, but when true civility was explained to them, Schwan cut bait and let those other losers drift to a 2-5 defeat. Miller was heard to say, who hit me while Gemmill asked, did we win? Now if real truth could only take hold.

Some people are gifted with a silver tongue (like Eddie Crabcakes), some with marble-mouth. The Carefree Chamber leader can't do anything to stimulate local business, and he can't figure out if Carefree has a justified reputation as one large speed-trap. He can't even remember what he said during his own last quarterly update to the council. Do they actually pay this guy?

Did anyone hear Jo Gemmill speak out in indignation after the Carefree anniversary reception? I didn't think so. She took issue with a petition collector during the July fireworks display, (a fitting time to collect petition signatures) yet she was mum on ex-mayor Dennison's political speech opposing the recall during the reception. Not a peep from Jo, Mum. I've always marveled at how easily an English accent can snow so many people, as if simply being nearby can bestow class. It can't bestow class anymore than afternoon tea can turn dwarfs into Churchill.

The head anti-Walmart PRIZE spokesman, Dean Phillips, spends hours talking about how honorable, honest, and high road he and the anti-Walmart PRIZE group are. Then in their public meeting on Sunday, Oct. 4, they run out Grace Meeth as a spokesperson. I can’t think of anything more opposite than ‘high road’ and ‘Grace Meeth.’ Go figure.

Just who does this Ian Ellison think he is? He has no right to make political statements regarding Carefree; he doesn’t even live here. As the director of the Chamber of Commerce, it is his job to be bringing businesses into town. Judging by the number of empty stores, he can’t even do this. I remember the good old days when David Lewis was the director. Now that was a man to be respected.

I really do enjoy and appreciate the Your View column. But, I think we are getting a bit mean spirited. People in Carefree can disagree with someone else and still share our own opinion. I don’t have the answer but I don’t like the mean spirited comments that come through.

In your Oct. 7 issue, I counted seven letters supporting Walmart, and one against. I hope the vote is the same. I counted three letters against CCUSD and two Your Views with the same outlook. I hope the override goes down in flames. I am sure you know that your CCUSD poll is influenced for a yes vote by an organized school effort to register a vote for it.