Your View | September 23 – 29, 2009

The system under which the Congress of the United States operates by spending/allocating/wasting more money, a great deal more money than it takes in. The deficit shortfall over spending is covered by borrowing funds on which we the people pay interest – lots of interest. Are they wasting our money to reinsure their own re-elections? I think so. Think about this, we pay Congress and let them provide themselves with exorbitant lifetime benefits to come up with this piece of fiscal irresponsibility. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Carefree Mayor David Schwan scheduled another special semi-public council meeting at 3 p.m. on September 15, making attendance inconvenient or impossible. Yet again no “Call to the Public” was on the agenda. It appears that the huge number of recall petition signatures is driving the mayor underground and he wants to avoid facing voters as much as possible.

The unknowingly incompetent and ex-union Chicago electrician known as Vice Mayor Glenn Miller recently threatened a friend of mine claiming, you will be sorry as you don’t know the power I have in this town – quote, unquote. Thanks to Miller now Carefree ranks up with Chicago one of the most corrupt towns for trade bids and politics. Go home Miller, leave.

Some of you are missing the point about the stolen Jesus is Lord sign. Regardless of your faith or lack thereof, it is the Bill of Rights that guarantees the right to free speech. If you do not support our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, perhaps you should be living somewhere else – where one person’s voice is allowed to squelch that of another.

I‘m from Victor, Montana and I just wanted to compliment you on the reporting by your Linda Bentley’s Sept. 9 article regarding a federal judge allowing the case on Obama’s eligibility case to go forward. It is incredible that I have not read the story anywhere else but in your newspaper. Kudos to Linda Bentley and I am passing the article around to all my friends in Montana.

I have begun making a list of the residents of the Cave Creek Cemetery in Carefree. Mayor David Schwan is going to need their votes in order to have a chance of surviving his recall election.

A well intentioned writer recently asked the paper where in The Constitution does it give the government the right to engage in health care? Although I agree with the sentiments of the writer’s position, it’s in The Constitution and has been enacted via several federal programs such as Medicare. The U.S. Constitution, Section 1, Article 8 gives the government the power to regulate interstate commerce which in this case is interstate health insurance sold across state lines. Another example would be those pills we take in Arizona which were made in Chicago. Gibbons v. Ogden.

Notably absent from nearly all media was coverage of the real mood and number of attendees for the local and national Tea Parties last weekend. I found Obama’s comment that those in attendance were not mainstream citizens laughable. He is truly becoming a bad national joke – simply an embarrassment. Steele Coddington’s article was honest and well-written. Keep up the good work. We need your voice to be heard loud and clear.

Just when I begin to trust my prediction that Obama will soon enshrine himself as the biggest dolt to ever inhabit the White House, up pops Jimmy Carter to retake first place when it comes to out of touch, truly complete failures and incompetents. Sorry Barack, but Jimmah once again has proven himself to be the champion of unsubstantiated delusional statements. But hang in there buttercup, I know you can mount a comeback!

As I am just finishing up decorating our float for the Cactus Shadows Homecoming Parade in down town Cave Creek this Saturday, I have to wonder why there is no mention of this in your newspaper. The organizers are strongly encouraging all parade participants to stay and support local business. This community event is not worth our local papers recognition? Why is that?
Editor’s note: The annual CSHS Homecoming Parade was given front page coverage – above the Sonoran News banner – in the center “kicker box,” the most prominent spot in the newspaper!

With the recent rumblings about law enforcement officers in our towns, and their zealousness, I found it a little disconcerting that the Town Marshal’s plain clothes Jeep, has one of those reflective license plate covers that are designed to evade photography.  Also, why does a single officer Marshal’s office possess five vehicles?