How America got Community Organized

By Steele Coddington | September 2, 2009

steele coddingtonNo one has really figured out what our dreams mean or where they come from. Freud and Jung both took serious stabs at interpretation, but finally gave up and said to hell with it, after concluding that everyone in the world is probably a secret sex maniac. Clarence Darrow confirmed their conclusions but repudiated any legal liability attached to dreams. So I’m happy to reveal a real whopper of a dream I had that may provide insight on where dreams, or more appropriately nightmares, originate.

It started with a neon sign on Times Square blinking, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when with our teleprompters we deceive.” Strange!! Then I found myself observing the inauguration of a ghost named Saul D. Alinsky being sworn in as President of the United States. I kept repeating to myself, “who the hell is Saul Alinsky?” Some bum in an ACORN tee shirt handed me a flyer. It explained that Saul was born a communist in 1909, and remained one all his life. He became a notoriously successful community organizer with several disciples you wouldn’t believe. He wrote a book published in 1971 entitled Rules for Radicals – a pragmatic primer for realistic radicals.

The book became the bible for community organizers and other radicals who are fond of blaming and then apologizing for America. In the grand scheme of radicalism it is a treatise comparable to Mien Kampf and Das Kapitas. The methodology espoused is a pragmatic road map on, “How to create mass organizations to seize POWER and give it to the people.” The true objective is to teach the Have-nots how to take power away from the Haves and redistribute wealth.

But the strategy is stealth oriented, unlike the violent revolution of the Bolsheviks or shouting slogans and singing songs about Mao, Castro and Che Guvara. Rather, use the system already in place to promote change. Establish a training institute for organizers and teach them how to organize communities. Convince the Have-nots by pointing out why they are frustrated, disillusioned, discontented and discriminated against and use their anger to organize for change so they can effect reformation.

Start with some local pollution and “from there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, Pentagon pollution,” etc., etc. including whatever works, class envy or hate for the rich. Comrade Saul tells them how to use the manifesto of change, including the Marxist tactic to time it to coincide with crisis. But be sure to describe what is happening as “for the common good of all people.” Goals must always be phrased in general terms like “liberty, equality, fairness,” “for the common good,” and “pursuit of happiness.” Or a new one like, “Change you can believe.”

So, in my dream, with the help of community organizers, comrade Saul got elected, thanks to organizations I had heard of before: ACORN, unions, SEIU, radical special interest groups, compliant media and democrats mesmerized by his articulate promises and bending ethics best described as “the end justifies the means” BUT ALWAYS “clothed with moral garments.”

So brother, comrade, organizer, Saul took the POWER and proceeded with his agenda of change. At this point in my dreams I began to recognize how it all seemed somehow like deja vue. I woke up with an upset stomach and moved to Honduras to help them fight for their constitutional survival against an ousted lefty president supported by an Alinsky administration.

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