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It is time to put Cave Creek first!

My last fight was when I ran for Cave Creek Town Council to save trails in Spur Cross and served for one term only. This time I am joining forces with Todd Newmann, who owns Cave Creek Coffee Company, to form a Political Action Committee to defeat the anti-Walmart referendums.

This fight is more important than saving some trails. We are fighting for the economic viability of our town. Walmart will bring in millions of dollars in sales tax revenue. It will provide the sorely needed economic boost for our town core businesses. With a financially secure town we can get back in the business of securing open space, protecting low-density zoning and ensuring our rural lifestyle.

Walmart would not compete with our town core businesses. To the contrary, passage of the referendums could drive the last nail in the coffin for more of them. Cave Creek residents will have taken out their guns and shot themselves in the foot. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone at town hall. On the other hand, ask local business owners how long they can hold on without an economic boost.

Please vote YES to defeat these referendums on Nov. 3.

If you can help, please e-mail me at or Todd at to offer your time and/or money.

Terry Smith | Cave Creek

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Where is the happiness?

We all know the economic situation in our nation has been bleak. I don't believe anyone in Carefree is responsible. Yet government and business here both need an injection of inspiration. We need more new businesses, businesses that service the community, not businesses hoping and waiting for tourists. Sure we will welcome visitors, but they alone cannot sustain us; we have to address our real needs by expanding our vision and using our strengths.

There are very substantial issues facing Carefree this year, several are unique. The long-standing history of more money coming in than going out is over. During the past 10 years, Carefree spent sizeable sums and town government grew. That rapid growth was fueled by development. By late 2008, development had all but ceased. Government must shrink back to a rational size, because any misguided notion to leave the status quo will result in financial chaos. I was hoping, really hoping, that town leadership would become revitalized and willing to face economic reality. Unfortunately there is still an element of denial among some councilmen and town staff. The staff needs to be reoriented into public service, not political servitude; in other words the staff must serve the public, not play politics – that went on long enough. The council must heed what ALL residents are saying, not just their special interest friends. I believe several members of the council are either unable or unwilling to grasp the complexities of financial management, leadership, and honor. Sounds harsh? Perhaps, but reality is often harsh and unforgiving.

The day of reckoning for the Carefree Resort is rapidly approaching. If by mid-September a buyer cannot be found, the Resort will be forced to close. The town refuses to say whether taxes have been paid, or if water bills have been paid since the Resort entered Chapter 11 in November. The town failed to mention the situation at all until I inquired during a public meeting in May. On another front, the realities of the retail business gripped Bashas' which recently entered Chapter 11. They may ultimately survive, but I wonder if our local market will fair as well. These two entities have been a significant force behind Carefree's sales tax revenue for years. Ask yourself, does the town have a plan, or is it merely watching events unfold?

Perhaps the saddest issue we face is bias. Not here? Really? The 2009 election season was contaminated with bias – bias against new ideas and PAC bias against new faces trying to make a difference. I know first hand. The July council meeting was filled with bias, and many of the people harboring it. Losing control of the town 'they own' has filled them with resentment and intolerance. They loudly objected to others exercising their rights. I missed the part, in the Constitution, where it says certain people can do what they want but others can't.

For a brief time after the election, I thought there was hope. I'm not so sure any longer. I wanted the community to come together in a cooperative spirit to address our problems; not just to plan parties. I can't help thinking of Nero. Sometimes you need to put on your real work clothes and show up for work.

Recent updates to Carefree Kronicles ( were necessitated by a collapse of leadership, by the unwillingness of the old guard to reach out in a constructive manner – for the good of Carefree, and by the lack of vision and planning. I know there are those who want happy, upbeat news; I too want that sort of news. But I can't turn my back on the realities staring us in the face, simply because they are not happy realities. I always felt that the smiling, happiness, and parties were appropriate when the work was done.

John Traynor | Carefree

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Put me on your list, Mr. Obama

I see where the White House has a website for reporting the names of people who don't agree with the government takeover of our healthcare system. They claim that we're distorting the facts and it really will be good for us. Well, here's an amendment that was offered by the Republican Congressmen in Committee that was shot down by the Democrats.

"(k) Construction - Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow any federal employee or political appointee to dictate how a medical provider practices medicine."

Not allowing this amendment should show any thinking individuals just how much control they want.

Mandatory "End of Life" counseling every 5 years starting at 60? I sure as hell wouldn't want to be the one telling a Vietnam vet, sorry but that procedure just costs too much, let us manage your pain instead.

Now I read where Nancy Pelosi said that the protesters at the Town Hall meetings are "Carrying Swastikas."

Well Madame Speaker, if they are, they got them from you! You see, Nancy, the far extreme of Conservatism (less government) is Anarchy or total lack of government. Now you on the other hand want government to control everything. That is Nazism and Facism?
So Madame Speaker, it is not those of us who resist your idealogy carrying swastikas, it is you! What we want is to maintain our choices and you are taking them away!

Ernie Bunch | Cave Creek

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Punishment for illegal immigrants

Glad there was a happy outcome for the two journalists caught in North Korea, and am pleased to see they are home. It is difficult to believe that North Korea can do anything right.

However, I have to contemplate that country's punishment for illegal immigrants. Both ladies were sentenced to twelve years at hard labor. What do you suppose would happen to our illegal immigration problem if every violator received this sentence?

Answer: End of problem.

Geoff Orton | Cave Creek

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Sarah Palin nails it!

Sarah Palin has called the Obama healthcare plan evil. In one word, she summed up the most important problem with it – that it lets the state (aka politicians and bureaucrats) decide who lives and dies.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of Republican pols, think-tankers, and commentators without her testes are debating costs, efficacy, efficiency, and other policy wonk distractions.

Craig Cantoni | Scottsdale

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Carefree, Russia

When we first heard about a recall for David Schwan, we didn’t pay much attention. Quite honestly, thanks to the PACs, the last election left a bad taste in our mouths.

Then we heard how all these upstanding citizens spoke at the June council belittling a citizen for using his right to initiate a recall. Now, we began to pay a little more attention.

Next on the “selective enforcement hit list,” someone gathering signatures for the recall is cited by MCSO for trespassing at the Town Hall building. Excuse us, but we received a flyer from David Schwan ourselves when he was campaigning outside of Town Hall.

We read David Schwan’s rebuttal to this recall. In it he states that this man, Rod de Szendeffy, never held office or served on any town committees. Is that now a prerequisite to be a Carefree citizen? We guess that the fact this man is a founding father, or that if memory serves, he was active in the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t count. Apparently, only the extremely narrow criteria that Mayor Schwan has designated allows for Carefree citizenship.

Today we were told that the Town Marshal requested that a banner above the recall center (a Carefree store) be removed. I was at the council meeting this past spring, where council voted a moratorium allowing banners on commercial property.

We left for the summer and democracy took a nose dive in Carefree. We didn’t really care who became mayor as long as it was someone that treated all equally, and respected our American liberties.

The “hot seat” that Carefree is on is not from the weather. We need to guard our rights and take a stand. It is obvious that our Carefree government isn’t going to do it for us!

Carol McNulty | Carefree

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Enough is enough

Dear Carefree Citizens: For the past ten years I have sat through just about every Town Council meeting. I have listened through 3 mayors (Morgan, Fulcher and now Schwan), as well as assorted councils belittling and denigrating Councilman Coady. Why? Because he voted his conscience. The names and the faces have basically been the same; a Hugh Stevens, a Lyn Hitchon, a Ralph Pipp and a Gary Hayward, not to mention numerous council members.

Enough is enough. Councilman Coady in the past ten years has done nothing but listen to our citizens and try to represent what they want. In return, the above vultures have accused him of stealing funds from the recycling account, and now, somehow being involved with the recall of the mayor. I can honestly say that Councilman Bob Coady has never had anything to do with this recall, but this Coady will.

I am tired of seeing citizen rights ignored and citizens abused for having independent beliefs. That is not the way I was raised. I am tired of the good old boys dictating, demeaning, being overbearing, and even threatening anyone that doesn’t agree with them.
I am signing the recall petition, and I am volunteering my time to clean up politics in Carefree by collecting signatures for the recall. Oh, I’ll be wearing a “RECALL DAVID SCHWAN” tee-shirt too!

Sue Coady | Carefree

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AARP – Who do they really represent?

It's a shame (sham?) that AARP has NOT totally come out against this "Healthcare" plan which is obviously not doing one thing to help the "members" (sheep) of their organization.
This all can be traced back to the AARP's support of Obama for president with NO input from the members. You can clearly see by the leadership that the backing of a complete leftist as a presidential candidate has put them in direct opposition to those they CLAIM to represent. I for one, have not heard one statement from the AARP that makes any sense regarding their support of this "healthcare reform."

Simply put, they are too invested in this administration and unwilling to admit to their error in backing these socialists.

I can only come to the conclusion that to survive the AARP needs to clean house and LISTEN to their members instead of deciding for them ... Congress may want to take the same advice.

Tom Carbone | Tatum Ranch, Cave Creek

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Response to Perry guest editorial

Oh really? Carole Perry would rather shop at Walmart, the world's largest company, because it's "a store located in (her) town," than drive into neighboring Carefree (God forbid!) and support the small LOCALLY OWNED Bashas’ in that town? Wow. Good for you, Carole. I will knock on your door and personally thank you when the Carefree Bashas’ closes because people like you would rather shop at Walmart because it's technically "in your town." I guess there's more than just a town limit dividing Cave Creek and Carefree. Frankly, based on the attitudes of each town's citizens, I would not care to live in either one.

David Neill | North Phoenix

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Peggy Neely

It must be near the election. I received a piece of election mail from my Councilperson Peggy Neely.

I know she's my councilperson because I've seen her on City of Phoenix cable. From what I understand she is the only person running for this job. Yet I see signs and receive mailings. That's a waste of good money.

After moving into Tatum Ranch in 1993, I found out very fast that we are not part of Cave Creek ... in 1993 Tatum Ranchers were treated like we had a rash ... and the City of Phoenix didn't care much for helping us with a fire station or police. Still no bus service, unless you count dial a ride.

Before you break your arm patting yourself on the back, Councilperson Neely, most of the JOBS you say you brought into the area won’t help a teenager who wants to work who doesn't have a car or can’t drive. So here we sit … we have a Cave Creek zip code and a City of Phoenix water bill. Oh – let’s not forget the HUGE RUST BUILDING that some people call ART… Ugly Library.

Stephen Takesian | Phoenix

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I want to thank Carefree

Carefree had the good fortune to be presented with a great number of very qualified applicants for both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Subdivision Committee. I believe the Council picked a very strong group of citizens who will bring a variety of valuable experience and knowledge to these entities. I have enjoyed my time on both Subdivision and P&Z, and I want to thank the Town of Carefree for the continued opportunity to serve.

Lyn Hitchon | Carefree

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What smells?

A few years ago a friend of mine opened a home air-conditioning business but the recession has caused the layoff of employees and the business is severely depressed. Yet a $4,500 subsidy for the conversion to modern energy-efficient units would save more energy than the “Cash for Clunkers” will.
What is that smell in the air? Could it be another payoff to the Detroit unions?

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

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