Your View | April 29 – May 5, 2009

Susan Vanik being in the Kiwanis certainly is problematic. But I attended the candidates forum, and her behavior and answers are a lot more questionable to me than her association with Kiwanis. The woman was clearly out of her depth. Vanik passed on questions or made uninformed comments. I hate to use the word "clueless," but it is apt.

Thank you thank you Mr. McGill for our own Tea Party! The speakers were all superb and the energy was just like the old days when I was growing up and fighting the good fight in WWII! My only complaint was that Harold’s underestimated the crowd and too many people were left standing for the two-hour duration. Give us more. It is a celebration of the values that made this country great.

The Cave Creek Tea Party was a sad disappointment. Does a person have to drape herself in a flag, hate immigrants, and hold on to conservative labels in order to love freedom? And to be against current acknowledged policy? Where is the constitution in these few folk’s definition of freedom? I had to walk out.

Double Standard? Perez Hilton can discriminate and insult someone who doesn't agree with his/hers views by calling them a B---- and a C--- but does he/would he take offense if some were to call him a faggot? This character is a disgrace, maybe it's time for the majority people to take a stand in favor of good manners and against despicable behavior. Donald Trump should fire this piece of filth.

I agree with the person who complained about the profusion of illegal signs at the Carefree corner of Cave Creek and Carefree Roads. What an introduction to Cave Creek and Carefree! I presume (Mayor) Fulcher has not only quit reelection, he has quit working. How about some vigilante action? Is tearing down illegal signs illegal?

I wish I had known vanquished (Carefree) ex-Mayor Hugh Stevens was involved in the Tea Party at Harold’s. Had I known I would have brought a bag of rotten tomatoes to greet him with when he went to the podium. Has (Archie) McGill been here long enough to know doing business with Stevens is toxic? He didn’t sound like the kind of man to traffic with Stevens. Don, please educate McGill, who did a masterful job, but …

Great Tea Party at Harold's – my first such event in 70 years. Amazing phenomenon noted: signs calling for reduced spending, budgetary discipline, honest open dialogue on important issues – essentially government of, by, and for the people. Sounds just like a reflection of what's going on in Washington, District of Confusion. Yes, and ditto the little town of Carefree, AZ – where write-in candidate for Council John Traynor's campaign platform is a mirror image. Let's put a total end to GOB rule, folks, putting control of our town back in the hands of citizen voters.

How is it possible Adam Trenk legally collected over $17K for his campaign (mostly from out of state), when Arizona statutes dictate a candidate is limited to a total of $10,020? Maybe it’s possible to ignore rules if you don't read them.

After twice losing significant amounts of the town's money in investments he picked, Carefree Councilman Gardner now has the town's funds in the most conservative pool he can find, yielding 0.2 percent. Someone should have told him about the state-administered Local Government Investment Pool-Government, or LGIP-GOV. It is backed by the U.S. government and was yielding 0.58 percent in February 2009. That would almost triple the town's interest income.

On April 21, Carefree council held a special meeting advertised as a "budget workshop" scheduled from 5 – 6:30 p.m. It turned out the meeting lasted 45 minutes, no detail was presented about the 2009-10 budget, and there was no hand-out. I can't fathom what the purpose of the meeting was other than to make sure as little financial information as possible becomes public before the May election.

By all reports, not one single, solitary, sorry Dark Sider attended the Open Space Kickoff event at the Maricopa County Park or donated even a dime to acquire the land. It was a fun event and a beautiful day. These jerks continue to be real contributors to the community. Can’t wait to hear them all tell us again how much they love Cave Creek.

Why was Susan Vanik the only Carefree Council candidate missing from the budget meeting? She surely must realize the tough times we face and certainly would have learned the budget process. But maybe she, if elected, as she stated only wants "fun council meetings.”

Let's hope the Carefree voters realize the importance of electing write-in candidate John Traynor and candidate Peter Koteas. Carefree deserves better than what they had in the past and now really have an opportunity to achieve it.

Carefree Town Council Candidate Susan Vanik must be very busy. She has only been able to attend 1 or 2 council meetings in 3 years. I heard she missed the Carefree public budget meeting on April 21, so she must really be busy. Don't worry, Greg we’ll fill her in.