Your View | April 22 – 28, 2009

Rain for the Kiwanis Pancake breakfast ... OH MY! Looks to me like the Kiwanis have not only offended Carefree citizens, but the "Big Guy" isn't happy either. Maybe the Kiwanis should do some major political mea culpas for a start.

I guess now that Gardner is no longer doing Carefree's books, he has taken up reading cards and predicting who will be the next mayor. This guy is really as shady as they come.

Carefree Water Co. wants rate increases more often due to increased budget pressures?! Every single government and private business I know of is CUTTING COSTS by reducing staff, pay, benefits and increasing productivity to adjust to this economy. If Stan Francom can’t make the decision to cut 10 percent out of the water company expenses then Carefree needs to find a competent manager who can run the company.

What is that alien, Adam Trenk, thinking? That he can buy Cave Creek votes? Unlike the mayor’s thinking that he needs a little training my opinion is GET OUT OF TOWN! His attitude is moronic. We dumb Creekers are going to fall for more signs, more flyers, more BS? Never in this town, Trenk. Go to a stupid town. They are numerous.

$17,000 plus in Cave Creek to be on council? Last I looked the councilmen don’t get paid any more in town. (Bil) Canfield’s cartoon and (Don) Sorchych’s editorial hit the nail on the head; Trenk thinks we are an ideal stepping stone. Check again Bozo, wrong town. Fill your carpet bag, get on your nag, and move on! The nerve! Too bad there aren’t negative votes.

Here is a wake up call for Director Joe DeVito. Certain "members" of your club, who regularly break bread at the little king's table don't get it Joe. Politely asking them "to not solicit for their organizations, sell books, etc, to not campaign, or preach dogma" has not ever worked. A better directive would be clean house, or clear out. "The Kiwanis Foundation, a separate organization, is a 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit. They sponsor the flea markets, pancake breakfasts and other fund raisers to finance scholarships, science fairs, key clubs, etc." - wake up call 2 Joe, these are the good people, who are getting a bad name because of your "club" members.

There is a sign on Carefree Highway and 24th street regarding another street light. Are they kidding? What is wrong with these people and who is making the decision to add theses street lights? Why don’t we just call Carefree Highway Scottsdale Road? Since there will be lights every block, like Scottsdale Road, there will be slower than slow traffic. This is horrible, ridiculous and absurd.

Doesn’t Carefree have any sign ordinances in effect? In the southeast corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek signage is horrible, even Kiwanis is advertising the Pancake Breakfast on the south side of Carefree Highway and 64th street. These signs are atrocious and ugly. They totally take away the beauty of the desert. Shame on you Carefree for not enforcing your sign ordinance.

Regarding Cave Creek School district fund raising asking parents to donate money: It would be wonderful if the top three salaried administrators in that school district donated $10,000 apiece from their salaries.

Great editorial Don. The Kiwanians need to clean up their act and stay out of politics. Until that happens, people like Vanik need to either bow out of Kiwanis or bow out of the council election. There is an obvious conflict of interest. As for this guy DeVito, sounds like a "newbie" who wants to be one of the guys. He doesn't have a clue.

Wouldn't it be more fun to have a dog park where residents and rover could romp on a patch of green at the future wastewater treatment plant at 44th Street and Carefree Highway? Visit a dog park in Scottsdale or Phoenix and witness the interaction of people and their pets.

Placing a Wal-Mart in Cave Creek reminds me of Tennessee Ernie Ford's singing "I sold my soul to the company store." A very recent Consumer Reports article landed Wal-Mart near the bottom of survey respondent's ratings with low scores for service and perishables. Too few check out lanes open, congested aisles and out-of-stock advertised specials were also added to the complaint list. Cave Creek deserves better.

I just got my sample ballot in the mail. I see that both Gemmill and Schwan signed against direct election of the mayor. You slugs won't be getting my vote and I hope no one else votes for you either!

Comments from Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security Office that returning military people might be dangerous if they joined conservative groups of people who are concerned about illegal immigration and the loss of America’s sovereignty are disgraceful. Everyone in Arizona knows Napolitano’s sentiments. She was a do nothing liberal governor. She has disgraced herself, the president and this nation and she must resign immediately.