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By Don Sorchych | January 28, 2009

Don SorchychCouncil Meeting 01.20.09

Tuesday Jan. 20 was my first town meeting since November, but given the agenda I didn’t want to miss it.

Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia had filed for reconsideration on two projects he had voted against, the Parkway Bank drive through Special Use Permit and the Branded Bullfrog LLC sales and rentals.  Ric Slaughter’s Body and Paint to be located in Spur Cross Station building was also heard.

Given the town’s serious financial shortfall all of these projects are needed economically. They should have been approved for property rights reasons in any case.
Listening to council hem and haw it is obvious we are in election season. The projects should have been slam dunks.

Herb Natker almost won the most ridiculous assertion with his claim of global warming being increased if Parkway had a drive through. Francia correctly assailed that view from the dais and received admonitions from Natker, Bob Moore and Charlie Spitzer, all dark side regulars. Moore also included an email from Marsolo to Vice Mayor Gilbert Lopez, which included a pack of innuendos and lies.

Here is what actually happened.

People spoke on the issues before them concerning the drive through at Parkway Bank. Marsolo presented to council a petition signed by owners of six restaurants in the town core.
But let me say first that Marsolo’s petition is bogus. Why? The agreement between the town and Parkway prohibited drive through use to any successor which was not in the financial business. So no fast food chain could possibly use Parkway Bank as a precedent nor could they use their property.

Bart Krasson, owner of Indian Village, said he was only following the “big guys.”

Larry Wendt, owner of the Buffalo Chip Saloon, said had he known Marsolo’s petition was bogus he never would have signed it.

Bill Vale and Danny Piaguadio of Harold’s Corral signed the petition. Bill Vale said had he known the petition was invalid he would not have signed it.

Marsolo said in an email, “I think Bill Vale had the best short comment, ‘If a restaurant owner buys the building, walla (sic), you have a drive through fast food restaurant.’”

Of course such a scenario is impossible, but Marsolo failed to tell Vale and other signers the truth.

Even though use of the Parkway drive through cannot be used for any fast food enterprise, what if there was precedent?

Would fast food be a threat to Tonto Bar and Grill or Cartwrights? Eric Flatt signed for both restaurants. Since these two restaurants are second only to Binkley’s in high prices their customers don’t sound like they imbibe at fast food joints.

But Mayor Francia said no fast food place wants to be here. They want traffic, such as the commercial area of Carefree Highway. So even in the worst case, Marsolo, Councilwoman Meeth and their consorts are using fast food as fear instruments.

It is not going to happen.

But back to the meeting.

Candidate for council Steve LaMar lectured council about the petition concluding they had no choice but to deny the application.

That did it. I seldom get up to speak, but I did:

“I’m for this bank. I’ve banked there since they opened. It’s a good bank. They deserve a drive through. That drive through is going to hurt nobody. For you people, and Steve LaMar, to stand up here and say, ‘Look what the town core businesses want’ is absolute bullshit. I’ve talked to these people and most of them felt fear from Anna Marsolo coming to them and saying ‘please vote with me’ because they’re afraid of what a snoop will do to them. That’s what this is all about. This town needs a bank with a drive through. There’s no fear from it. There shouldn’t be. All the rest of it is nonsense.”

Vice Mayor Gilbert Lopez said, “I object to you calling people names.”

I said, “I don’t care what you object to councilman” and sat down.

First of all, “Snoop” was not original. A writer labeled her that for sticking her nose in the business of the Rust family (owners of the Tumbleweed Motel) and causing them to be handcuffed and jailed. It is an accurate nick name.

Snoop Marsolo.

The e-mails sent to Francia one way or another blew this event way out of proportion.

Spitzer wrote to Gil Lopez, “Mr. Vice Mayor thank you for your attempt to restore order and express your opinion. I was dismayed when the mayor stopped you from doing so. Any and all attempts stopping you were out of order, and may be contrary to public law.”

Spitzer is wrong. Lopez was in violation because if there was a problem of order only the chair can deal with it, not him. That is why Francia stopped him. There was no violation, and if there was, only Francia, the chair, could deal with it.

Bob Moore posted similar comments and he and Spitzer are compatriots.

Snoop Marsolo wrote to Lopez, “Thank you for your kindness last night in trying to bring some civility back to the council chambers. Whereas I always try to bring factual information (the petition is a lie) to the podium without personal attack or innuendo, or intimidation, it’s hard when some outspoken folks, like Don Sorechych (sic) inaccurately (the petition is a lie) state the facts to make it easier to argue in favor of their point.”

Parkway got their drive through even though Meeth and Lopez voted dark side.

Councilwoman Kimberly Brennan left the dais, but sat next to ex- Planning Commissioner Bob Moore. She recused but didn’t leave the room as is required. In the past, either Francia or Abujbarah made her leave. This time they both said they didn’t notice. Don’t you think Brennan would remember?

The council, after simplistic questions, finally approved the Branded Bulldog ATV sales and rentals. As usual Meeth voted against and short timer Lopez voted “present.”

The town voted down Ric Slaughter’s Body Shop in the Spur Cross Station building. Only Dick Esser and Ernie Bunch had the vision to vote for approval. Hey, people we are in a recession and need the revenue. Hadn’t you noticed?

Is the council that worried about being elected? I think voters want council people with vision and cojones.

Hopefully one of the No voters will seek reconsideration.