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By Don Sorchych | January 21, 2009

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Sonoran News has historically held forums for Cave Creek and Carefree elections. So this will be our eighth series of forums. Historically Carefree Architect Shelby Wilson has moderated while I man the clock. The clock is especially critical in Cave Creek this year, since, including Mayor Vincent Francia who is unopposed, there are 11 candidates and time must be limited so everyone can tell their story about their candidacy. Carefree has 10 candidates.

Candidates have received outlines of what we will print about their candidacies and we will print those before the elections.

The Cave Creek forum will be held at 7 p.m. at town hall on Wednesday Feb 11. There are five incumbents and six candidates.

The Carefree Resort and Villas will once again express their generosity by giving us space on Monday February 16 at 7 p.m. to hear seven Carefree incumbents and three candidates.

The myths

Last Saturday’s Scottsdale Republic once again printed Anna Marsolo’s propaganda as truth.
The Republic’s step child published an article titled, “What to watch for from the Cave Creek Town Council.”

Under a column titled, “What it means” they wrote: “A fuss has erupted among residents who want to preserve what they consider the non-citified nature of the town. ‘All of Cave Creek since incorporation (has) resisted fast-food-type drive-throughs to promote the rural family country style it has become known for,’ local activist Anna Marsolo said.”

At last, the paper did not describe Marsolo as a “Cave Creek resident” for the first time in history. SHE NEVER HAS BEEN A CAVE CREEK RESIDENT even though the Republic unfailingly has, until now, made her a resident.

The hoopla about drive throughs is Marsolo and Councilwoman Grace Meeth’s fantasy. In fact, Parkway Bank has ordinance and legal support for a drive through and the town knows it.

Further, fast food restaurants are straw men. I have said, and the town’s attorneys have said Parkway Bank in no way is a legal precedent. Marsolo has a habit of connecting non-relevant issues to prove her irrelevant points.

Remember, she connected voting for the mayor in Carefree with a town manager form of government and was called for it by a sharp eyed Carefree resident. Of course Marsolo’s essay was printed as truth in the Scottsdale Republic. She must have pictures of someone in the Scottsdale Republic’s hierarchy.

But the Republic’s Beth Duckett is strengthening Marsolo’s propaganda. While the article says a “fuss has erupted” exactly who other than Marsolo and a few of her dark side buddies could care less?

The fact is Marsolo has called several town core business owners, asked them to sign a petition against drive throughs and asked them to appear at the council meeting to object.
That is the “fuss?”

Some owners have told Marsolo to pound sand and some ducked, being afraid of what an “activist” can do to their business.

It has been estimated that 10 percent of town core business owners are Cave Creek residents. And that is a voting pool for council members to worry about?

More myths

It looks as if the Dark Side has identified itself. Former Planning Commission member Bob Moore sought to have a forum at his house. He invited Councilwoman Grace Meeth, Candidate Reg Monachino, Councilman Dick Esser and Candidate Jim Bruce to attend.

Both Bruce and Esser declined.

So we have a Dark Side slate of two, Meeth and Monachino.

It should be a yawning debate, without much disagreement. Too bad only the few Dark Siders will hear it. But to save possible attendees time the single issue debated will be, “How can we get rid of Town Manager Usama Abujbarah?”

However, not to be denied, ex-Town Manager Terry Zerkle plans a forum or two. We wonder whether Zerkle will pass around his well-traveled resume and tell one and all how well he fits Cave Creek.

Zerkle continues as a pest. Councilman Dick Esser and Mayor Vincent Francia are scheduled for interrogation by an official of the Attorney General’s (AG’s) Office.

The AG’s attack dog, Jennifer Pollock, continues to expand the case, since 2007. They have already deposed Kim Brennan, Ernie Bunch and Grace Meeth. I believe all but Meeth disputed Zerkle’s BS, which is as thin as ice in the summer. It is impossible to believe Meeth and Zerkle are not colluding in all this and I hope it goes to court so they both can be deposed.

Zerkle makes a big deal about the town’s negotiating with Continental Mountain developers and the placement of the Echo Canyon 2 million gallon water tank.

The town had rights in both issues.

On Sept. 20, 2007 Zerkle filed a complaint with the AG expanding on a complaint he filed on Aug. 21, 2007.

He claimed that Mayor Vincent Francia had polled certain council members about “ousting Bob Moore” from the planning commission.

It is this allegation that is consuming council and attorney time; Zerkle has sent thousands of words to the town, the AG and others. I may collect these and post them on the Internet so you can see their scale and just how ludicrous they are. They should be read by any proposed part-time or full-time employer of Zerkle’s. They should also know how much his mutterings are costing the town.

I have written before about complaints filed in Carefree with the AGs office for far more substantial issues than the bogus ones Zerkle is using to help a certain candidate and to ease into Abujbarah’s seat.

You may remember Carefree Mayor Ed Morgan’s denied that he polled his council. I still have a tape of Morgan explaining his discussions with council, and I am sure he polled. The AG decided they would do a serious investigation. Then Kiwanis invited Morgan to sit with and introduce Attorney General Terry Goddard to Kiwanians at one of their meetings.

Shortly after this event the AG’s office cancelled the investigation without comment.

And yet the AG’s office is pursuing Cave Creek as if Zerkle’s comments are worthy of time and dollar expenditures.

I know Vincent Francia and he knows his role.

He did not poll!