Taste of Cave Creek to showcase food and music

By Curtis Riggs | September 17, 2008

CAVE CREEK – Next Thursday’s Taste of Cave Creek community event will be all about sampling the best 15 Cave Creek eateries have to offer.

It will also be about sitting back, and sometimes dancing to, a couple of the best bands around. The artistic side of the community goes along way toward making the community special.

The Taste will be held at Stagecoach Village, northwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Galloway Drive, from 6 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 25.

eastonashLocal favorites EastonAshe and Rondavous will be headlining the special evening. Fans of both local favorites are sure to come out to hear their hometown groups, with about 300 economic development officials who will be in town for the Governor’s Rural Economic Development Conference.

Rondavous“We feel like we are part of Cave Creek. Whenever we are asked to do anything like this we consider it a privilege,” said Rondavous’ Pandy Raye, who pitches in to help out in Cave Creek whenever she can.

EastonAshe manager Bob Parness said the local boys who have made good nationally will “sure be excited to be back home” to perform at the Taste after a month of summer touring.

“When they are away they really miss Cave Creek,” he said.

To show Cave Creek’s artistic side to visiting officials and locals who may not be aware, films entered in last year’s Cave Creek Film & Arts Festival will be shown in a building in Stagecoach Village. Around 70 pieces of art and photographs, which were also entries in last year’s festival, will be displayed around the retail center.

Artist Lance Headlee will be signing copies of Lean On Me, this year’s Wild West Days poster.
The folks at Brix Wine Spot will have a number of boutique wines available for Taste patrons.