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By Don Sorchych | September 10, 2008

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The saga of Gary and Jeri Rust, owners of the Tumbleweed Hotel and the former site of the Spur Cross Gallery, has created a storm of comment on both the letters page and the Your View anonymous column.

Last week’s front page story by Linda Bentley and my editorial told the story of the Rusts erecting a sign in front of the Gallery building, which read “For Sale by owner, Corner Building 4000 sq.ft, 602-359-7820.”

County island resident activist, Realtor (and “snoop” as one letter writer described her) Anna Marsolo told them to take the sign down since it exceeded the six square-feet limit under town ordinance.

edit cartoonThe upshot was Marsolo filed a complaint, Deputy Town Marshal Bobby Hernandez came to take the signs down, had a verbal confrontation with the Rusts, called MCSO and had them handcuffed and taken downtown and charged with four criminal violations.

All over a sign ordinance, which, by the way, is covered in 24 pages of text.

So far, the town officially has been silent although Town Manager Usama Abujbarah told me the actions taken by Hernandez were “unacceptable.”

The Rusts are interviewing criminal attorneys to represent their interests.

Since, in this instance, the buck stops with Abujbarah first and Town Marshal Adam Stein second, Mayor Vincent Francia has been referring concerned citizen’s calls to Stein (480-488-6636) and Abujbarah (480-488-6611).

Meanwhile, Marsolo, who has an open line with the Arizona Republic, wrote a My Turn column defending her actions. The headline was, “Keeping town clean for all.”

She writes about litter in the streets and that as a volunteer she condemns those who trash the town. So far so good.

Then she segues into “uncontrolled signs,” which she compares to “screaming children in a crowded room.”

She praises Stein and Hernandez for their “leadership.” But not a word about being the agent, who initiated a horrid experience for the Rusts.

No apologies, no remorse.

The Republic, which has incorrectly stated, more than once, that the water tank at Rockaway Hills is 20 million gallons when it is two million gallons and Sonny Barger lives in Cave Creek, when he doesn’t, finished the article writing that “Anna Marsolo lives in Cave Creek.”

Marsolo justifies her meddling in town affairs because she owns a for sale property in Cave Creek. A Creeker she is not, and never has been.

Although this is a matter for town staff, two council members bothered to call Hernandez with atta boys, condemning Sonoran News.

It is not surprising considering both had possible violations of open meeting laws.

I stand by every word written about this incident and if it goes to court, it will be on public record.


Sarah Palin is weathering a firestorm of underserved criticism but I believe John McCain made a brilliant choice. The left wing is in panic mode because the conservatives have found a reason to support McCain.

A blitz of letters to the editor arrived immediately following the Republican convention. It is clear by the length and talking points the letters were orchestrated by the Democrat attack machine, a nationwide effort mobilizing party loyalists.

Here is a representative example:
“I listened briefly to the RNC last night, I tried not to watch, fearful that it would wipe out the fresh and new memories from the DNC- of people, black, brown, white- very few dressed in stuffy suits- snaps of babies- people crying, people laughing, people hearing the truth and honest emotion instead of political bullshit and all the same promises being made that are irrational and never kept. I saw the suits at the RNC, I listened to Sarah Palin- who was introduced as the "most favorite governor"- I didn't even know she existed until she was announced to be McVain's choice for VP. Instead of having worthy people commend her nomination- like Rev. Jesse Jackson did for Obama- the only people to commend her was her family- since not even politicans know her. I hoped that she would turn down her nomination- having the good sense to realize that she is just a pawn- she is not a woman being chosen because she has a proven track record and will do a good job- she is a woman chosen as an instrument in an already ugly game of stack-the-cards-so-we-can-win- this is simply a tactic, not a choice for Americans to believe in- not a person who reflects our desires- this is not a person I know nor am I impressed that she can wrestle a moose to the ground with her teeth. It is a disgrace. Her introduction and her subsequent speech at the RNC were full of unchecked facts, bias, and plagarism from Obama's hopeful, honest, and respectful speech. Don't let them fool you again. We've had enough.”

That letter was from a man in Phoenix, but I got them from all over the map, including Cave Creek and Carefree.

It is not surprising the Dems would dig deep to not only to demonize her, but they want to destroy her.

Tell me bringing her 17 year old daughter, who is pregnant and not married, should be brought into the election race. Then they go further and now claim the father of the child is not a suitable husband to raise the child.

For shame! If this and other attacks don’t cause a backlash, nothing will.

Although I will print some of the dozen I received, I will search for and print ones not directed by the hierarchy of the Democrat party.

Palin has proved in her roles as a mayor and governor she is tough enough to shake off the cynic and brutal assaults and carry on. This in spite of the fact the print and TV media, and their nasty blogs are left wing fanatics who have no decency – none!