The Arizona Constitutionalists

By Charlie Powell (via e-mail)

Sheriff Arpaio will be the speaker at our East Valley Republican Assembly (EVRA) meeting Tuesday, August 19 in support of Rep. Russell Pearce in his run for the District 18 Legislature Senate seat. The meeting is open to the public but if you plan to attend you need to call 480-668-5021 so we will know how many we should expect.  As you are well aware Rep. Pearce has not only fought to force government to uphold the immigration laws but he also was in the fight this year to stop the Legislature from passing a state budget with a $1.2 billion deficit.

Now isn't that a coincidence. A $1.2 billion deficit – which is about what it costs us to support the illegals. In other words, if we did not have an illegal problem there would be no deficit. Rep. Pearce is the man that is trying to solve the illegal problem and trying to stop the wasteful tax and spend policies of Governor Napolitano and the liberal legislators. 

Most people think that all Republicans are conservatives. Not so, the majority of the members of the Arizona Legislature are Republicans but the Legislature is controlled by the liberals, Democrats and RINOs*, as you saw from the passage of the state budget. The members of EVRA, are true conservatives. They are the members of the Republican party that uphold the Republican principles of lower taxes and limited government and they stand up to protect our constitutional freedoms. They, in conjunction with the Valley Business Owners and the Arizona Seniors' Coalition, were the conservative groups that led and won the fight in opposition to the proposed Mesa property tax. That tax would have increased the average homeowner's property tax by about $300 a year. Rep Russell Pearce was opposed to the tax too.

Quote from Rep. Pearce: " WOW, a back handed complement by the Arizona Republics begrudging support of me.  They plainly said I am the one stopping ‘immigration reform’, that is the code word for ‘Amnesty’ – I feel honored.  I will continue to support 80 percent of Americans that have said they do not want Amnesty no matter what you call it.   We have had a national impact and will continue to return to what America's Founders intended.  We will take back America one state at a time."

You need to realize that the tax and spend liberal group that is supporting Rep. Pearce's opponent will do anything they can defeat to him, even going to the extent of publishing big lies.  In order to stop future government raids on your pocket book we are asking for your help in getting Rep. Pearce elected to the Arizona Senate.

* RINOs are liberal that cannot win as Democrats so they register as Republicans and run as conservatives. We do need any more RINOs in the Senate. We need true conservatives such as Rep. Russell Pearce.