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By Don Sorchych | July 30, 2008 Don Sorchych


I received this letter, dated July 21:
“To whoever will print this.
“I received your paper for some time and find it severely bigoted and un-fairly one-sided. Your practice of filming license plates and publicly printing them is definitely an invasion of privacy. How would you know the workers being picked up were illegal? If they aren’t, you’re trying to put guilt, and criminal intent, on the drivers of vehicles. That is definitely invasion of legal privacy.
“Besides that, your editor, Don Sorchych, is evidently totally lacking in empathy and consideration for poor legal workers trying to support families necessary to Arizona’s needs. Actually, I believe he may have written all the “Your View” items as most echo his negative ideas.
“I’d like one more issue of your paper, with this letter printed and then you can send my future issues to someone who agrees with you.
“James O. Bishop”

My, my, James, your shorts are in a knot aren’t they?

But at least James had the courage to sign his name. Communiqués of that kind are nearly always unsigned.

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Here is one, on a post card addressed to “Snoring News, Cave Creek’s hate rag.”
“I came to the church today to pick up 4 day laborers and get my picture Sorchych, but you didn’t show.
“They cost me $475 for the day. The work they did was estimated to cost $1,200 by a contractor with a skid-steer [loader]. Do we need the day laborers? Damn right.”

You may need them to undercut legitimate businesses, you rude scofflaw, because you think you are above the law – but don’t have the courage to identify yourself.

But back to James, point by point.

“Severely bigoted and un-fairly one-sided.” The liberal definition of those two allegations is that they disagree with my stand; therefore it is bigoted and racist.

Editorially, this newspaper is conservative, so it presents a side you won’t receive in many places in Arizona and certainly not from the Arizona Republic. So Sonoran News is a small balance against overwhelming liberal media bias.

But, our news is as unbiased as we can make it. Our staff makeup is about as diverse as any business and their political and philosophical basis had no bearing on their being hired.
Photographing and publishing license plates are not an invasion of privacy, since they are photographed in public. It is a public service, in fact, to document these pickups.

How do we know the workers being picked up are illegal? Let me count the ways.

Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church conceded their “day workers” were “undocumented” in public meetings.

Also, years ago we broke the story that Cave Creek town hall was illegally printing identity badges for church sponsored “day workers.” If they were legal, they would have legal documentation.

During several visits to the church by AZTLAN proponent and illegal alien propagandist, Salvador Reza proudly confirmed they were not here legally, but had a right nonetheless to be here because the U.S. stole the southwest from Mexico.

Why do the “day workers” cover their faces with their shirts or ball caps if they are legal, when being photographed?

And let’s not forget that counterfeit green cards, social security cards, and visas can be purchased all over Phoenix for a nominal sum.

In a recent editorial I told of a young “day worker” at the church who proclaimed he was legal because he married an American woman. I pointed to his colleagues and asked, “How about them?”

He replied, “Not so much.”

If the people who walk our streets and sit in the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church parking lot were legal, they would be employed, not sitting in the hot sun with a small chance of being employed.

Q.E.D! quod erat demonstrandum (That which was to be demonstrated).

You are right about one thing and only one James. I have no empathy for them. I don’t have empathy for burglars either, and these people have broken into our country knowing it is an illegal act.

We taxpayers are paying the wage differential they are stealing from citizens.

The people who hire them are eroding the rule of law and putting legitimate tax-paying businesses at a huge disadvantage.

The illegals crowd our emergency rooms, schools and welfare rolls. They bring in third world diseases, trespass on private property and despoil our treasured wilderness areas.

I know all this falls on the ears of liberals in one way; in their minds it is a racist rant. It has absolutely nothing to do with race and they know it, but they also know you can marginalize anyone by using the R word.

James’ last affront is that I write all of the Your View column, an absurd allegation. This claim has been made by one of the dark side morons too, in Cave Creek.

In any given week, I get twice what I can print. Some are too long; some are treading on libel and are discarded.

Anyway, why would I? I print my name with what I write, which is more than I can say about the few threats and illiterate rants I get, usually by snail mail, with no return address to assure anonymity.

As far as Your View’s guaranteed anonymity goes, most writers would be at risk of personal or political retribution if they signed their name. Your View was patterned after the Tribune’s “Vent,” which ran for many years.

Unfortunately, I cannot give James his final request, to send future copies to someone who agrees.

We contract with USPS to deliver Sonoran News by bulk mail. There is no way to stop delivery at an address or with a name. But there is still hope for James if he were to read Sonoran News.

It has often been said that if you are not a liberal at age twenty, you don’t have a heart. But if you are a liberal after age 40, you have no brain.