Your View | July 2 – 8, 2008

I’m sure the Carefree residents that don’t want added lights to town center won’t come, so Carefree must be looking to all those tourists to drive up to see these gas lights. At $4.50 a gallon of gas, oh yeah, they’ll be coming in droves.

Can’t something be done about the illegals at the Good Shepherd Church? How can that church justify encouraging law breakers? If I was a member of that congregation I would be a pain to the vestry and priests until they followed the law to the last period. You people must be sheep.

In all my years I never heard anyone say that teachers are overpaid. Finally, after putting in 25 or 30 hard years of work a few of them can get an annual salary that may be close to their worth. Way to go!

Did Carrie Dyrek know there were only 10 days to file with Maricopa County Superior Court to ensure the dust control referendum went on the ballot? Why isn’t that information provided to the person who files the referendum in the first place? All of this bull____ could have been avoided.

Now Carefree wants a gas lamp district in town center. I guess Gemmill wants to illuminate all those empty store fronts.

Isn't it pathetic that some Jackasses from Carefree are driving over in their Mercedes to pick up illegal aliens in Cave Creek? I wish we got a better picture of the broad on the cover of Sonoran News, and a better picture of her license plate. I would love to know her name and address. Better yet, the illegals should be encouraged to congregate at their stupid sundial in THEIR town! Wouldn't that be a nice day labor pick up center?

Even as local merchants flee the Carefree town center due to its undesirable commercial location, confusing traffic design, inadequate parking, lack of any magnet shops, competition from superior developments, and in advance of the possibility of months or years of construction interruptions, the town council has convinced itself that transforming the area with goofy gaslights and additional signs will aid the town's tax revenue. How does the Carefree town council consistently come up with such bizarre ideas? Do they attend Classes for the Terminally Stupid?

I was wondering how to unsubscribe to your paper. I started receiving it and is it something I actually subscribe to? I was looking on your web site and there is nothing here that says unsubscribe.
Editor’s note: Our newspaper is delivered locally via bulk mail, not subscription. We do not have the option of removing an individual from mail delivery within an entire ZIP code.

It’s time for the mortician to start embalming Jim Lane’s run for mayor. With the chamber’s endorsement of Mayor Manross, Jim Lane is a dead man walking. Manross wins in a landslide once again.

Wow! Don is now an Arpaio supporter? And you thought John Kerry was a flip flopper. Wow!

Does any one other than Carrie Dyrek know what’s going on at Town Hall? If not, her vacations are officially suspended from this time forward. Pay her double time or whatever you have to do to keep her at her desk.

A three trillion dollar war, the largest deficit ever, the worst economy since the Great Depression, rising unemployment, unfathomable credit crisis, highest fuel costs in history, mounting foreclosures, food shortages, commodity prices through the roof and you’re worried about Obama’s inexperience? Ay! Ay! Ay!

Reading Linda Bentley’s article about CANAMEX reaffirms my position that Janet Napolitano is treacherous. She simply must go. Obama won’t need her in his non-existent cabinet so what do we do with her? Creativity must be applied to the situation followed by a swift move to dislodge her from her seat.

What? “Day Workers” in a front page headline in Sonoran News? They’re back! The town attorney better draft something that will hold up in court this time. We’re sick of this invasion. I know the illegal hiring by citizens and businesses in the area contribute to the problem. If there were no pickups, they wouldn’t be here.

CCUSD is officially a bad investment and a high risk according to Fitch. Duh. Maybe now the people who have been brainwashed by their propaganda will vote no on their next request for money they don’t need and can’t manage.

I couldn’t even get near the library for the Coyote Showcase on Friday. Maybe offering people more than an hour and a half to visit the Showcase would minimize the congestion.

Julia Patterson’s painting of her adopted niece is beyond what words can describe. Thanks for the story behind the painting, Curtis.

Elias Bermudez is a classic example of why we need to clamp down on immigration.

Thank you, Sonoran News! We appreciate your constant vigilance on our behalf. Thank you for reminding those of us who don’t normally file an income tax return that we need to do so this year in order to receive an economic stimulus check. It’s helpful to know that filing this year does not mean we have to file next year.