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Stupidity in visible places

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek
Do you want to become a “celebrity?” It’s easy. Just do something outrageous, immoral, unlawful, and/or preferably stupid, and then get some newsperson to put it on the national network, and you will have it made.

How else do you think Britney Spears or her 16-year old pregnant sister; crack-smoking Amy Winehouse (whoever she is); the 17-year old pregnant Gloucester high school girls; and the host of rock-and-rollers going through multiple rehab treatments, became “successful celebrities?” I suppose half of them will shortly write books about their terrible hardships and blaming their parents, their boy friends, or the conservative government for all their problems.

The latest example of the work of the bottom-feeding national press and TV is Don Imus, of whom I never heard, whose reputed talk show I never knew existed, and who, judging from his quotes – endlessly repeated on network TV – has to be the stupidest individual ever to wear a cowboy hat over his aging long hair. When told that some basketball player was arrested after a bar fight, and had several other convictions, Imus asked, “What color is he?” When told he was black, Imus said, “Now we know.” This, after Imus was canned from a previous job for referring to a girls basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” I really don’t care what he meant by the question or his comment. Just asking it ranks as one of the stupidest things anyone could have done. His IQ must be in the single-digit range if, indeed, the needle moves anywhere off the “empty” mark.

Of course, we have a partnership of sorts here. It consists of the individuals doing these outrageously stupid things on the one hand, and the reporters catering to them on the other. It has been said in the past that the troubles in the world are due to lack of communication. I think it is becoming ever more clear that the real problem is over communication. Almost everyone has a cell phone complete with a camera, all hooked up wirelessly to a computer, which can instantly convey the antics of idiots to anyone anywhere in the world.

The Spanish have a saying which these people should learn: En boca cerrada no entran moscas – Flies do not enter a closed mouth.

The Fulcher spin

Jim Peirce | Carefree
In a recent issue of Sonoran News, Carefree Mayor Fulcher has once again attempted to put a favorable spin on the town's involvement in the GP Properties application for a Special Use Permit to construct a resort. The mayor describes the "tens of thousands of dollars" the town spent in the lawsuit. In actuality the total amount will probably never be divulged, but is no doubt a lot closer to a million dollars than "tens of thousands." While the mayor crows over the legal victory in state court, the suit may still proceed in federal court with the possibility of even more expense to the town.

Worse still the town, under the "leadership" of former Mayor Ed Morgan, has never acknowledged that there never would have been an application for a SUP had not the town disallowed my effort to do away with many classes of SUP, especially the one allowing a resort on residential property.

Further Mayor Fulcher lauds the "town's successful turnaround of a troubled water company," rather than admit the town dramatically overpaid for the purchase of a nearly worthless water company, and issued 20-year seven percent non-callable municipal bonds in the process. Customers of the Carefree Water Company will continue to pay exorbitant water rates for many years to come to pay off needless principal and interest costs. The chutzpah of the good old boy crowd is exceeded only by incompetence.

A sadly befuddled Mayor

John Traynor | Carefree
Mayor Fulcher doesn't get it. I'll clear it up for him, again. In general, when you speak of things that are not true, you are a liar; when you repeat or compound lies, you are a compulsive liar, a political buffoon, a miscreant, or possibly all of the above. Here is my final clarification for the mayor (I'll use simple words so he gets it this time):
I never supported either the G.P Properties or the Budnick plans, and I never told him or anyone else that I did. My March 2008 letter, to which he referred, was a satirical perspective of how the Town Council created costly turmoil instead of properly dealing with Special Use permits, once and for all. To further assist the mayor’s comprehension, satire is defined as follows:
1 A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.
2. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

I think item #2 touches upon a few of his shortcomings, but just a few.

Let’s go back several years to those Carefree Council situations. I'll draw your attention to the fact that I wrote nary a word on either subject, nor had I published a position. Yet, the mayor cites a letter to the Editor many years later in which I was making a satirical reference to those town follies in the hope of avoiding others.
Anyone who knows me knows that when I take a position, I can write plenty. Check the record regarding my position on Carefree’s fraudulent Water Conservation Charge.

Sadly, and like far too many political hacks in this country today, mayor Fulcher seeks political profit from using statements out of context to defame his critics. Mr. Mayor, be careful what you say, and where you say it – you answer to a higher authority than just the voters.

Letter to Carefree Mayor and all council members

Judy & Jerry Wetta | Carefree
We would like to go on record to say that we are in opposition to 'pole lighting' for the town center. There is a need for sidewalk lighting but that can be achieved without taking away our dark sky and stars. We already have people lighting up cactus, shrubs, trees and rocks. The economic times we are facing calls for fiduciary responsibility on your part. There should be NO new spending that is not absolutely necessary until we can see our way out of the difficult times facing us.

Another Deserted Advocate funny

Barry S. Cohen | Phoenix
The hot weather we've been getting reminds me of one of the most ironic policies enforced by Karen Seemeyer during my days at the Deserted Advocate. The esteemed publisher insisted that reporters not wear shorts when attending meetings or interviewing sources. She stated it was "unprofessional."

Of course, what is professional in her mind is stiffing vendors, employees, the government and taking advantage of trusting advertisers. Hilarious.

Gascon and Arpaio photos differ

Brad Burdick | Cave Creek
Dear Senta Scarborough, Gary Nelson, and J.J. Hensley:
I read your article in today's paper (Wed., June 25, 2008) regarding the Mesa crime sweeps planned for tomorrow, and noticed the picture of Mesa's racist police chief George Gascon smiling. It appears the picture was taken professionally, and is perhaps a stock photo. However, when you showed a picture of our Sheriff in the same article on the next page, it was taken of him while talking. Why don't you use a stock photo of him? Is this fair or balanced?

This yellow journalism is below low. These are tactics used by tabloids such as The National Enquirer or Globe, and you really should be embarrassed.

It is clear by now that the Arizona Republic's editorial board clearly favors illegal aliens and an open border. They have no problem with admitting it in their obnoxious, dangerous, reckless articles! Now they are using photos to do their work too!

Criminal aliens are back

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek
Saturday June 28th it became apparent that the criminal aliens are back in Cave Creek in a big way. Loitering outside El Encanto, and around 20 at the Church. It seems that the church, whilst publicly claiming to have closed its illegal alien day labor center, is turning a blind eye to the infestation. I wonder if I sat amongst them, would I be asked to leave? Would I be accused of trespassing? I think their implicit approval speaks volumes of their agenda.

Inevitably, I was asked whether I would return to the fray, and start picketing the church again. My answer is NO! Let me explain. The days for grass roots protestations are past. Remember, for the most part the illegals are bilingually illiterate. They have not followed the ludicrous decision by Judge Silver. They are being carefully orchestrated in the hopes of creating some incident that will further their "cause" and clog up the court system. I will not play that game.

I will reiterate my demand that the town of Cave Creek enforce the laws that are available to us. That means that the vastly over-rated, and overly empowered, Town Manager needs to stop biting the hand that feeds him, and start letting the Town Marshall do the job for which we pay him. This in no way reflects of the office of the Town Marshall, merely the culture of politics that hampers it.

Point of interest, last year in Phoenix there were over 350 reported kidnappings. Around one a day. Every single one was Mexican on Mexican. All involved either coyotes or drug-related retribution. This is what happens when illegals overrun a city, and the rule of law is ignored, or deemed too expensive to be enforced. It could happen here.

My wife pointed out, that if we do not employ the criminals, they will go away. She is, of course, quite right. Regrettably, there are too many greedy weaklings among us for me to hold much hope in that remedy.

I plan to go to council meetings and make my voice heard. If you care about the future of our town, so should you.

I still fear my Government … but less so today

Roy Miller | Phoenix
You may have seen the bumper sticker that reads, "I love my country but I fear my government." Those of us displaying this sticker recognize that there is an important distinction between our country and our government. With today's Supreme Court decision stating that gun ownership really is an individual right that is protected in the US Constitution I feel that I now can remove that sticker from my bumper.

It is instructive to note that most of the liberty that is lost in the world is taken away by one's own government, not by some invading force. The Second Amendment is a check on this. It is not needed, as some suggest, to protect hunting or gun collecting. Its importance is in self-defense and, sadly, it is occasionally needed to defend against the armed agents of our own government who, in their zeal, would take our freedoms.

The War on Terrorism is only the most recent example of an excuse that government uses to take away individual rights, through such legislation as the Patriot Act. With today's Supreme Court decision Americans at least have the assurance that our right to defend ourselves is recognized and protected.

Hire legal American residents

Ive Fazio | Cave Creek
It seems that illegals are on our door step once again. They wouldn't be on our doorstep if you RICH AMERICANS wouldn't pick them up. If you Rich Americans would hire legal American residents who work hard and diligently, while providing great results, then maybe there would not be illegals standing on our street corners.

Don't say that there are no legal Americans who want to work, because I am here to say that’s bogus. I know of several Americans who would have gladly worked for you. But because you thought them to be too expensive, you decided to go for the illegal. Our American Men have no jobs because of you and your illegals. You are traitors to our country. YOU have chased our American Men away. If you thought it was okay to have an illegal work for you, you wouldn't hide in shame as you do. You would let the rest of us see your smug faces as you pick them up.

So whenever someone complains about an illegal, remember it’s you Americans who have betrayed your own country.

APS – Your name is disingenuous

Robert C. Miller | Cave Creek
As reported in the June 18-24 edition of Sonoran News, Angela Creedon of APS made a presentation to the Cave Creek council. She said, “APS was looking at to promote (sic) energy efficient programs, conservation efforts and renewal energy …” She said, “the nuclear options had the benefits of no greenhouse gasses and once built fits a low-cost provider. However … it takes up to 15 years to permits (sic) and there’s the issue of spent fuel disposal.”

This is where she becomes disingenuous. As William Tucker wrote in “Terrestrial Energy: How a Nuclear-Solar Alliance Can Rescue the Planet,” “Another objection to nuclear power is the supposed waste it produces but this is a mischaracterization. A spent fuel rod is 95 percent U-238. This is the same material we can find in a shovel full of dirt from our back yards. Of the remaining five percent, most is useful but small amounts should probably be placed in a repository such as Yucca Mountain. Useful parts – Uranium-235 and Plutonium (a manmade element produced from U-238) can be recycled as fuel. Unfortunately, Federal regulations require all radioactive byproducts of nuclear power plants to be disposed of in a nuclear waste repository. As a result, more than 98 percent of what will go into Yucca Mountain is either natural Uranium or useful material.”

Thank you Jimmy Carter. In 1977 he issued an executive order outlawing nuclear recycling. This Democrat answer to our energy problems ranks right up there with Democrat Bill Clinton vetoing a 1995 bill to allow drilling in Anwar. As the Wall Street Journal editorialized about a year ago the footprint for drilling in the Alaskan wildlife preserve would be the equivalent of one letter on the entire editorial page if that page represented the territory of the state of Alaska.

The critics of nuclear power, such as Barack Obama, claim that nuclear power has safety issues. They cite Three Mile Island. For those of you on the editorial Board of the Arizona Republic, that was an industrial accident in 1979 which bankrupted the company but didn’t injure anyone. In fact, “the only radio active debris was a puff of steam that emitted the same radiation as a single chest x-ray.” There have been no – zero, nada – nuclear accidents in the United States with respect to nuclear power plants. France produces 80 percent of its electricity with nuclear power, and has for over 25 years. It stores all its “high-level nuclear waste” in a single room at Le Havre.
We have 103 reactors running in the U.S. There are proposals for four new reactors already submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and over 30 more waiting for the bureaucracy to get the hell out of the way.

This constant jabbering about it takes seven years to get oil out of the ground, ten years to build plants to convert coal to oil/gas, 15 years to build a nuclear power plant serves as an excuse to raise our electric rates but not take any definitive and decisive action to attack the problem.

Remember, within all the blather about renewal energy, no energy is renewable as energy cannot be recycled no matter from whence it comes.