Fenger Pointing

Becky Fenger | June 11, 2008 Becky Fenger
Fengertips and Thumbnails
The hellish Lieberman-Warner cap and trade global warming bill was thankfully defeated in the U. S. Senate last week. As with any monster, it will be back in some form next year, no matter who wins the presidency. If it passes, there goes our economy down the drain.
The amazing part is that General Electric is leading the corporate effort to limit carbon dioxide emissions through this trading regulatory scheme. Columnist Timothy P. Carney calls GE “a regulatory robber baron” by pointing out that “General Electric has created a new business called GHG (Green House Gas) Services, which plans to pick up Enron’s CO2-dealing business, including winning free allowances through lobbying efforts.”
“GE hopes to generate revenue by increasing the size of government so it can leverage its huge lobbying budget to its advantage,” reveals Tom Borelli and Steve Milloy in their Free Enterpriser newsletter. The two men believe that GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt is a threat to liberty, limited government and national security. You bet your CFLs he is.

It’s only a matter of time before feminists force Carefree to change the name of Ho Road.

We know our society is racing towards the bottom when we learn that two boys in Texas dug up a grave and used the skull for a bong. That’s not what is meant when teachers tell you to get ahead, kids.

Am I the only one who gets irked every time I hear our Citizens Clean Election Commission’s paid ad on the radio? “Citizens’ voices are heard, and everybody wins,” goes the slogan. Ironically, the Citizens “Clean” Elections racket is anything but clean and anything but fair and penalizes those who want to raise their own money instead of using that of the taxpayers.

Other ads that cause indigestion are those urging folks to pay only 33 cents on the dollar to settle their bundle of debt. “My $15,000 cost me only $3,000,” chirps the elated debtor. Well, who do you think picks up that $12,000 balance? Then an ad asks, “Do you owe $10,000 or more in back taxes?” “Protect your rights! Get them off your back!” Well, “them” are the skrimpers and savers who didn’t overspend their budgets but will have to pay for your doing so. Hardship cases excepted, the average amount of credit card debt that Americans carry is appalling, but boy is that sailboat sweet!

What a waste of money it was to notify folks that they would be receiving stimulus checks. Stimulus packages are best left in the bedroom anyway.

I can’t understand why more people don’t register to be organ donors. There is no need for such long waiting lists. Go to www.DonateLifeAZ.org

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio won a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Santa Barbara, California’s International Film Festival in Feb. of 2005. He was 30 years old then. Even he described this as surreal. But he spreads the global-warming hysteria like his kooky science mentor Al Gore, so he must be recognized.