8 Sundial Circle - Proposed purchase

Vance Howe | Carefree

Gentlemen, without disclosure of the planning, preparation and analysis undertaken by yourselves to date leading to this proposal, I'm hard pressed to understand how it makes sense in these troubled economic conditions to invest $1 million in hard assets. Were I a Councilman, or in this case a mere citizen, I would expect to develop and/or review the following information in justifying a well-reasoned decision.

A. Capital Expenditure Budget/Plan.

A well managed institutional entity, be it public or private, develops a long and short range capital expenditure plan, usually prioritized by need, estimating potential financial impact and approximate timing. Can you show us where this kind of expenditure appears in the Town of Carefree's capital budget.

B. Timing.

This is a variation of the old "what did we know, and when did we know it" information – more critical in this instance due to the apparent rush to complete the transaction before year end. Relevant to timing is the following:

1. Terms of the court's lease, which is reportedly now on a month-to-month basis. More specifically, I'd need to see expiration date, renewal options, "notice" requirements, etc. having a bearing on the court's and town's capacity to do intelligent space planning. Do we, in fact, have an agreed long or even short-term space plan on paper?

2. At what point in time did the Council have the above information in hand, in order to begin addressing the court's need to relocate their administrative space?

C. Financial Justification.

1. Please share the analysis prepared to justify this proposed expenditure of $850,000 for land and another $150,000(?) in building improvements. I'd expect to see a standard lease vs. purchase evaluation, with a cost/benefit analysis a part of that.

2. What scan of alternative lease options has been done? (This analysis normally addresses, first, a justification of staffing needs and minimum square feet required, along with length, renewal options, financial terms, etc.) For example, I'm told some 35-40 percent of commercial space in Carefree is unoccupied at present.

D. Affordability.

Current and near term economic conditions have most households, business and government entities seriously reviewing all their income and expense items. We need to understand what the Town of Carefree is doing in this regard, to be comfortable we are being governed in a fiscally conservative and responsible manner.

1. Where are we in terms of budget vs. actual performance YTD?

2. Given an already disclosed shortfall in revenue (I have not seen the actuals or through which month) what steps have been taken in terms of a) a revised full year forecast vs budget, including b) any specific expense reduction or revenue enhancement plans with relevant underlying assumptions.

I for one will look forward to the Council's sharing the above Thursday evening, in hopes a reasonable, fully justified, and fiscally conservative decision will be made moving forward.

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Thomas Miller | El Mirage

Attention Media Leadership: As you are aware millions of people are concerned with respect to Barack Obama's fulfillment of the requirements to serve as President of the United States, as outlined in Article II, Section 1, of the United States Constitution.

Therefore, I urge you to give immediate attention to the United States Supreme court case #08-570 and some 20 or more State cases that have been filed.

ALL of you in the main media have blocked this out and are not even reporting on it.
Immediately I will begin to monitor your outlet and begin to boycott all of your advertisers if you do not cover this issue.

During this boycott I can do without the products that sponsor your outlet, but I doubt they will be too happy when they hear of this boycott.

I am not asking you to take a side, just report the truth and let the people decide.

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Congress thinks we are both smelly and stupid

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

One only has to look at the Big Three Bail-Out bill to see why U.S. citizens mistrust Washington. With the economy and the auto industry in peril, congress had to “load up” the Bail-Out bill with special interest provisions that they knew could not stand on their own two feet. They forever slip unrelated items into an important bill that they believe will pass.

(Yes, this is how lobbyists earn their livings.) I am referring to a provision to bail out transit agencies. These bus and rail systems entered into fancy deals with investors that have since been ruled to be illegal tax shelters. They owe billions of dollars, which they now want the public to pay. Congress also slipped in a measure to give a raise to federal judges.

While neither of these measures has anything to do with saving the Big Three they certainly illustrate how congress thinks the American people are not only smelly but also stupid.

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A Carefree Christmas letter to Santa

Kelly (age 8) & Bailey (age 7) | Carefree

Dear Santa,

For Christmas we would like a cross walk or some other “traffic calming device” across Tom Darlington and Ridgeview / Ho Road. We are two Shih-Tzu puppies who take our master for a daily walk to the town center.

At least once a week we almost get hit by the speeding traffic crossing Tom Darlington and Ridgeview / Ho roads. Perhaps an enforced speed limit of 15 miles per hour would be an initial fix.

With all that the town has spent for new lights and signs, perhaps a little money can be freed up so our master and we don’t get killed. He has told us that if we get hit by one of these speeding cars and trucks, we would have no course but to file a law suit against the town since the town has been warned about the danger. PLEASE HELP.

I know many of my neighbors feel the same way. Bejue, Indi, Lucky, Annie are just a few who would like to be able to cross the road without putting our lives in danger.
Merry Christmas

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Black or Black/White president? It may be moot

Ed Taylor | Glendale

Someone wrote the editor recently complaining that Sonoran News didn’t give enough ink to the momentous election of a “Black president.” As I remember, Obama began his campaign boasting Black/White heritage, thus being a man for all seasons, but played the race card later to gain an advantage over a surging McCain. I might be wrong. At 70, I’ve had enough politics jammed down my throat that every election soon becomes nothing more than aversion therapy.

In any instance, the race folderol might become moot before the end of Obama’s first term.

Hillary, the lady with the Cheshire Cat smile, as Secretary of State will be only three fortuitous accidents away from the office Bill and Monica sullied. Impossible, you say? Look up Vince Foster, James McDougal and Ron Brown for starters.

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Please help by donating a gift!

Buffalo Rick Galeener | Riders United for a Sovereign America

RidersUSA will be holding their second Annual Veteran Home Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 20 from 2 till 4 p.m. at the Arizona State Veteran Home located at 4141 N. 3rd St in Phoenix. (602) 248-1550.

We are asking that all Americans donate a gift or two. For your convenience, we have set up DROP BOXES at the below locations for your convenience. When you go in, tell them you have a gift for the RidersUSA VA donation box.

Suggested gifts are socks, regular and pinochle cards, DVD’s, just about anything you think they could use. If you wrap your gift (not necessary) please indicate if it is for male or female.

The residents here GAVE SO MUCH for our freedom and we hope you will help us in showing our appreciation for their service to our Country. Also please send an email to your family and friends and ask them to help us by donating gifts also. The drop off locations are located all throughout the valley for the convenience to make donating easier.

For more information visit www.ridersusa.net.

Drop off Locations:
Harley Davidson Locations:
Superstition HD: 2910 W. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, (480) 346-0600
Arrowhead HD: 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive, Peoria, (623) 247-5542
Buddy Stubbs HD: 13850 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix AZ (602) 971-3400
Hacienda HD: 15600 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, (480) 905-1903
Chester’s HD: 922 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa, (480) 894-0404
Chandler HD: 6895 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, (480) 496-6800
Other Locations:
Joetas Leather: 433 W. Main St., Mesa, (480) 827-1868
Arizona Biker Leathers: 13833 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix, (602) 843-5847
Renegade Classics: 3102 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, (602) 595-9597
JB’s Restaurant: 1818 W. Montebello Ave., Phoenix, (602) 242-5639

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It's all God's fault

Scott Haberman | Cave Creek

I think that all the finger pointing can finally come to an end. Thank God!

The origin of our current economic mess has finally been discovered.

No more Democrats blaming Republicans and Republicans blaming Democrats. The banks are off the hook. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers get a pass. Fannie and Freddie were just a little confused and overly optimistic. Appraisers are just innocent bystanders and all those misguided consumers simply didn't understand what they were doing. The Wall Street bigwigs weren't really greedy they simply suffered from a severe case of "the devil made me do it."

We finally have placed the blame on the culprit of all our financial misfortunes and can finally experience closure, which will allow us to move forward to recovery. The villain is God. That's right God. The very entity that we have been kicking out of our schools and government has been tagged as the cause of our economic demise. See, I guess we were right about this rascal all along.

This week that master of PR Donald Trump accused God and "Divine Intervention" as the reason he can't make his payments on a skyscraper project in Chicago. Government regulators are starting to buy into that idea and can also slither out of the bright lights of responsibility. Now that God has been identified as the main contributor to our financial crisis, it's time for our mortals in Washington to take the reins and try to clean up God's toxic mess.

And what a great job they are doing. In what has become a modern day version of the Keystone Cops Congress has run around the problem like chickens minus their heads looking for a solution.

If still alive Abbott and Costello would be filing a lawsuit against Congress for stealing their "Who's on first" routine.

Unfortunately Congress has become a punch line for jokes about ineptitude and deceit.
You kind of get the idea that instead of blaming God we should be saying some prayers invoking his help to at least give us the strength to survive this mess.

While I consider myself a spiritual man I am not a church-goer. I believe in God and try to live by the Golden Rule. But there is something fundamentally wrong with our society when we blame God for our stupidity. Accountability and responsibility for ones actions are now being transferred to God because it's an easy out. After all, God doesn't defend himself in the New York Times or on Entertainment Tonight.

As we approach Christmas and our economy continues to sink I hope we all can muster the strength to emerge from this stronger than ever before. It may take a few prayers to your God, or it may just mean getting the support of friends and family. But we'll get through this as Americans.

As for "The Donald", I just got a call from God and he said, " Don, baby, the Chicago skyscraper deal was yours, YOU'RE FIRED!"

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A glorious celebration

Toby Payne | Cave Creek

Great traditions live on because they are meaningful, but only if people deem them important enough to invest their time and effort to make it happen. The Christmas Pageant once again brought to life the magic of the Nativity story and there are so many people to thank for their efforts and offerings:

The Foothills Community Foundation (sponsor), Town of Cave Creek, CopyFast Printing, Kiwanis, RSC Rentals, Strawberry Fields, Spur Cross Stables, Sonoran News, Rev. Bob Hutson, Linda Garvin, Vickilyn Hussey, Evelyn Holbrook, Ron MeGee, Sammy Martin, Jared Payne, George & Joan Hofer, Sterling & Lolly Johnson, Michael Moore, Ralph Pipp, Dennis Barkley, Manny Gonzales, John Abrams, Brian Kunkle, David & Jenny Shirey, Biff Miller, Jim Bruce, John T. & Shelly Holbrook, Jeff Sarrick, Jim Blea.

Choir: Steve Norris, Jacquie Goodspeed, Betty Desler, Rose Fields, Nancy Molder, Connie Gregooire, Nancy Hales, Diana Ellis, Marylee Simpson, Kathy Naig, Lisa DeMatteo, Deanie Reh, Kren Franevsky, Merry Austin, Ron Brockman, Ian Cordwell, Bill Boynton, Don Basta, Ryan Cordwell, Ed Simpson, Brian Gewecke, Don Hansen, Randy Helm.

Cast: Virginia Greenlun, John O'Connell, Janet Sanderlin, Jessica Chernek, Morgan Lierman, Luke Baillargeon, Charity Cervante, Sara Warren, Katie Stilson, Sam McInerney, Lauren Slockbower, Scott Warren, Melissa Dragone, Elizabeth Mernick, Claire Stockford, Sean Lewis, Christa Cervantes, Cassie Poincelot, Aaron Potter, Julie Simon, Sierra Ochoa, Emily Anderson, Brittany Svoboda, Austin Welch, Kiri Campbell, Nicole Brennan, Sarah Covell, Megan Brennan, Savannah Kralovec, Cassie Poincelot, Christa Cervantes, Melissa Dragone.
As you can see, this is truly a community effort. Forgive me if I’ve missed anyone. Everyone’s contribution made a difference. Thank you.

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Why not politically correct recordings?

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix

The Associated Press reports that inmates at the U.S. military detention center at Naval Station GTMO are being tortured with around-the-clock recordings by Nine-Inch Nails, AC/DC, Queen, Pantera, et al. AP reports, "The tactic has been common in the U.S. war on terror, with forces systematically using loud music on hundreds of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay."

I have a suggestion: play a recording of the equine whinny of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the bray of Secretary of State-appointee Hillary Rodham, and the asinine whimper of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, and play that around the clock. Within 24 hours, Abdul Kazoo al-Fazool and fellow-detainees should plead guilty to Lincoln's assassination, the fall of the Roman empire, and London's Jack the Ripper's naughty acts. Just make sure that these politically correct recordings cannot be heard by the prison guards, to preserve their sanity.

If further political correctness is desired, we could add the acid, tobacco-flavored, corrosive rasp of "Her Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered," but whose name was mentioned by the Beatles, and rhymes with "ma belle." That should overcome any resistance by the prisoners.

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Buy American?

L.J. Rupp | Carefree

How about this for a reason to NOT purchase a U.S. auto: My local, best-favorite Cadillac dealer wants $250 to replace a front, burned-out turn signal bulb on my 2004 SRX!

Don't believe it? Be my guest and check it out with Esther Jordan (602) 375-4300!

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