Your View | December 3 – 9, 2008

Sonoran News and Linda Bentley should be congratulated for all you printed in your issue of Nov. 26! Mr. Obama should be dragged before the Supreme Court of the United States, so as to explain how it was that he did not register for the draft – so as to be a part of the U.S. military forces. If he isn’t eligible for the draft, he is not eligible to be in our White House either!!

I haven’t been in the neighborhood. Has Henry Becker removed his signs since Mary, Mary Quite Contrary lost the election?

In this economy, for Carefree to even consider a community transportation plan is ludicrous. If they need to find "busy work" for Schwan, let him weed the Gardens in Town Center.

You just ran an article about a European castle, to be built on the site of the Long Branch Saloon. I thought the Petersville and the Cave Creek bike shop decisions were made to preserve the character and architecture of Cave Creek. Did Mr. Duerr not do his homework, or does the Cave Creek Planning Director not have an understanding of how a Spanish-French castle will affect our city's character?

Regarding “Oh CRAP…” in last week’s Your View column … The Native American Indian, Iron Eyes Cody, not only was an accomplished actor, but did the environmental commercials ... with that tear in his eye. Referencing Gordon Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway"... I would agree. Better sung: The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

The Cave Creek Town Council has gone from General Plan Amendments and upzoning to SUPs in the last two meetings. After driving though small communities with no zoning whatsoever I have an appreciation for the efforts of those involved in Planning and Zoning at all levels. The only thing I can think of that would be worse than this constant struggle would be doing nothing.

Forged selective service documents? What kind of a man have the Obama zombies elected?

Carefree Mayor Fulcher has refused to permit a town council agenda item to discuss the possibility of direct election of the mayor. I am glad the mayor is protecting the town from the voters. It reminds me of former Mayor Hugh Stevens' famous remark, "What do they know, they're just citizens."

Wow, what is going on? My family and I moved to Anthem about six years ago thinking it was a safe and good area. Well, I have changed my mind this Thanksgiving! Just started setting up Christmas decorations and my husband out for his morning coffee finds someone stole a large inflatable Christmas globe from our yard. Thanks for showing my kids the true spirit of Christmas. If it’s outside and not locked down it’s fair game. I will be out looking for it in the next few weeks and if and when I do find it (I know which one it is due to a mark) I will be taking down the address and letting everyone in that neighborhood know the people who live there are thieves and I will take it back. People are just plan rude and unkind.

Although the Town of Cave Creek has only recently been hit by the economic downturn, I applaud the members of the council for ensuring we are positioned to support growth in our community when the economy recovers by moving forward with the wastewater treatment facility.

Is it possible that Karen Seemeyer and Barack Hussein Obama are related? It seems neither of them is being held accountable.

I understand there is a rumor that high officials in the Carefree ruling clique are discussing tearing out all the asphalt in the town center and replacing it with imported cobblestones, thus giving the area a more authentic look to go with the faux gaslights. I can't wait to see what it will cost.

Driving through Cave Creek on Saturday was, thankfully, quite a challenge. I hope the amazing number of people in town translated into a robust revenue weekend for our local businesses.

The Supreme Court holds our nation’s welfare in its hands. Barack Obama must be forced to produce his birth documents. There’s absolutely no reason to withhold the information if, in fact, he is a natural born U.S. citizen. Let’s develop a plan, assuming that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Do we hold a new election?

I drove down Tom Darlington Road to try to check out Carefree's new sundial signs. I found them to be almost invisible among all the other signs and visual clutter.

If the Cave Creek Town Council can’t figure out how to approve or deny SUPs according to the best interests of the community without incurring legal expenses to fight lawsuits, rather than abolish the SUPS, let’s replace the council members.

Becky Fenger has a rough job, cruising on the Eurodam with National Review.

Hidden in the Hills is simply the best way to spend a couple of incredibly interesting and enjoyable weekends taking in as many art studios on the tour as is humanly possible.