Re: Shame on the Cave Creek Voters

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek

I noted with interest the epistle from Mr. Becht regarding the recent CCUSD budget override. Interestingly, a cursory Google Search revealed that three of the four authors of the "intellectual studies" he cited, have e-mail addresses that end in .edu. They have to be impartial, surely? They would not have an axe to grind, would they? Also, Mr. Becht seems to be of the school that believes that berating us, and our "worthless acre of blowing dust," will somehow induce us to come around to his way of thinking. How's that working so far?

I also noted this week that both Kristen Sinema and Nancy Pelosi were derisive towards voters for being opposed to various gay marriage proposals. Ms. Sinema opined that there were probably too many issues on the ballot for us to fully focus on that particular proposition. She may have a point, being the non-multi-tasking dolts that we are. Sanfran Nan similarly dissed the electorate even though she had not stated a position, either for or against, prior to the election. That's leadership for you.

Finally, there has been an onslaught of letters in the press, and posts on blogs, from the usual lefties stating that, now that the electoral process has been completed, we should all come together and work in harmony to support our new President. Yes, those same people who have been screaming of stolen elections, calling Bush a liar and a murderer and calling for impeachment these last eight years. I am going to guess that in a short period of time, dissent will no longer be patriotic. Now, they will demand that we respect the office of the
President, and I will, because I am a grown-up.

It should prove to be an interesting four years.

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Cave Creek Water Company

Beth Longbrake | Cave Creek

Please publish this letter so that other homeowners in the town core area are aware of the greatly varying Cave Creek water pressure.

Ever since the Town of Cave Creek purchased and took control of the water company it's been one fiasco after another for homeowners (and businesses so I've heard). In the past it's been the inconvenience of no water with no warning, dirt in the lines ruining expensive filters and now widely varying water pressures from 5 to 100 psi (or more because the gauge at my whole house filter only goes up to 100 psi). When I called to complain they sent out a service technician to verify that indeed my water pressure was extremely high.

He recommended I install a regulator at my expense because in his words "this is the way it's going to be."

Last night I was awakened by the noise of a water geyser outside at 1 a.m. The extreme water pressure had blown the seal out of my heavy-duty whole house water filter. Calls to the Town Manager, Wayne Anderson and Utilities Manager, Jessica Marlow, have not been returned. Now that the town decided to expand the water system, thereby requiring an increased pressure at the source, apparently we all have to install regulators at our expense. If we don't want to take the risk of irrigation system damage, household plumbing damage, hot water heater damage not to mention that whole house filters don't work at high pressures we are required to install regulators. What kind of a hick town operation is this?

My opinion is that the water company should bare the burden of installing regulators in the neighborhoods close to the source.

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Another death at the hands of an Illegal Alien

Scott Haberman | Cave Creek

I know it's not politically correct to say "Illegal Alien." I know that there is a movement afoot to change the terminology in our courts to "Undocumented Immigrant" so as not to offend or bias any living sole.

But, on Sunday Nov. 16 I cried, I had to stop a conversation and couldn't speak because another American child was murdered senselessly by an "Illegal Alien."

Stick your head in the sand, change the channel, turn away or simply walk out of the room. The fact is that the maids and landscapers so staunchly defended and admired as the down trodden from south of the border continue to kill our citizens one at a time.

This is not an issue of race or jobs. To be sure, Americans are losing income to these Illegal poachers and we as taxpayers are footing the bill for the "Anchor Babies" and all the emergency room visits. But what about safety? What about protecting your family against the drunken criminal that has no, I repeat no regard for our laws?

The fact is that from the minute one of these people crosses the border illegally they are criminals. They are wanted. You would think that under the circumstances they would try to be model citizens.

Don't make waves, keep a low profile, and for God's sake don't break the law. I'm here to tell you they don't care.

If they respected the laws of the United States of America to begin with, they would not have entered the country illegally. They don't respect this country and they do not respect you as an American. They think we are all stupid or they wouldn't continue coming here in droves.

I cannot imagine the sorrow being experienced by the Figueroa and Tracy families as we approach Thanksgiving. I wish that every American could feel for just one minute the agony that these families are experiencing from a tragedy that was 100 percent avoidable. That's right 100 percent avoidable.

Shut down the borders and these two Americans with everything to live for are alive.
This is something we all need to live with for being lazy and uncaring. We all share the blame for these deaths and all the deaths to come for not saying ENOUGH!

Have a great Holiday Season.

Kiss your kids and tell them you love them. Look your husband or wife in the eyes and tell them that you care.

Thank God for all of your blessings then pray to God that your inaction doesn't allow an Illegal Alien to kill them on the way home to a turkey dinner.

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Hussein Obama’s Socialists

Jimmie Dixon | Cave Creek

“Government ain’t cutting it in my world,” as a lady said after voting for Hussein. “If I take care of him, he will take care of me; I won’t have to worry about my car payment, my house payment or anything.”

This mentality is how Hussein got elected.

I entered the U.S. Navy two weeks after I graduated from high school and spent the next three and a half years flying on a U.S. Navy Reconnaissance airplane. After I was discharged I arrived in Phoenix with $500 in my pocket. I married my high school sweetheart (50 years last month), and went to work for a local Chevrolet dealer rebuilding wrecked Corvettes. As time went on I was rebuilding wrecked Corvettes on my own. Along the way I obtained a couple of patents and ended up owning a plastics molding plant in south Phoenix. I along with 100 employees ran the plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year manufacturing the roll-out 90 gallon Plastic Refuse Containers now in use all over the world.

I would suggest that all you people who signed into Hussein’s program of “taxing the wealthy, distribute the wealth, repeal the capital gains tax and get tax refunds even if you don’t pay any taxes …” better go GET A LIFE! Because it isn’t going to happen.

We didn’t work all our lives to start subsidizing YOUR lifestyle. All of you people who voted for Hussein should go read the book, “The Millionaire Next Door.” It’s all about “Joe the Plumber,” and “Jim the Plastics Man.”

I donate several thousands to my favorite charities every year. My favorite. Not where Hussein tells me to donate. Over the last five years I have donated over $30,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation.

In 1968 when I started my plastic molding plant, my employees’ starting wage was $5 an hour. The minimum wage at the time was $1.40 an hour. I’ve shared the wealth from day one. For all you Liberals out there I’ll spread my wealth where I want to, not where Hussein’s programs tell me.

In closing – How is Hussein going to get a security clearance? He isn’t even a Natural Born U.S. Citizen.

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Good Shepherd Church

Shirley Cordasco | Scottsdale

First a thank you, Don, for doing good work for the conservatives that are left in this state and not fearing political correctness.

I do believe that it’s time for The Church of The Good Shepherd to step up to the judge and stand accountable for the many, many atrocities that have happened to our people by the illegals. Drunk driving, killing young innocent kids, shooting our policeman, robbing and home invasions. We should have the Church start collections on Sunday and make donations to these families that have these tragedies thrust upon them. These victims all died in vain and nobody cares. Has this church stepped up and came out of the shadows and stopped hiding behind the alter and said, "we are sorry." NO, they are silent, and that's outrageous!

I have a friend at that church and this subject has torn us apart many times, and her answer is … “this is the Christian thing to do."

Guess what – all of the parishioners at that church should find a real Christian venue, and say please let me help.

Read the damn papers, look at the shocking accounts of what these illegals cost us in dollars, forget about our culture, the hospitals that they cause to run out of money, on and on ... Surely somewhere in that building, there is an accountant – put that person to work! Get them the stats of what the illegals are really doing to our world. They are ALL NOT just here in our country to work!!

Only a fool would believe that. So it’s time again, my friends of THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH, to start a collection, a car wash, pancake breakfast ... give money to these families now, let’s see how CHRISTIAN YOU REALLY ARE.

Again Don, you are right as always – keep doing what you're doing.

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Election Post-Mortem, simplified

R. Russo | Scottsdale

In “Election Post-Mortem,” while searching for a liberal/conservative explanation for the election, Mr. Sorchych asks: ”Has the country changed that much?” The answer is no. By this time he should realize that every election is a referendum on the current administration, and for a number of reasons the Bush Administration is the most unpopular since the advent of polling. As he prepares to leave office George W. Bush has a job disapproval rating of 76 percent, compared to the 67 percent disapproval rating of Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal. And unfortunately for McCain, moderate and independent voters assumed that, since they’re both Republicans, a McCain Administration would be a continuation of Bush’s. It’s as simple as that.

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The important news

Barry Cohen | Cave Creek

Now that the election hubub is behind us, Sonoran News ought to focus on the really important news in the area: The criminal escapades of Karen Seemeyer. Is she in jail yet?

If not, what's taking so long. Let justice be served.

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My view

Todd Newman | Cave Creek

The current Town Council is obviously afraid there is not as much voter support for their ideology as they think. Therefore, they voted "no" on at least two general plan amendments so there is not a chance for referendum in which the voters could then actually express their ideas and desires for the direction of this town.

I left the council meeting before the last two general plan amendments were presented because I could not sit there anymore to listen to such nonsense. I am not a scholar in politics or town government but I am quickly learning more than I ever wanted to know.

What I do know now is everyone left of Bunch needs to be put to pasture and the right of him needs to pick a course and be consistent! I am not an Obama fan by any means but hey, the platform of "CHANGE" worked for him maybe it can work for Cave Creek.

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Lack of graciousness not a surprise

Ray Torres | Scottsdale

Deep down where dignity and integrity lies, I had hope Mary Manross would be gracious in defeat. Well, apparently not as I read in the newspaper – “Manross displaying unseemly lack of graciousness in defeat.”

While I had experienced first-hand her temper tantrum at a Scottsdale Chamber mayoral candidate interview venue, where she asked that I leave the room, I heard talk from many other chamber members about her rage and vindictiveness. I would think she’d want cover up the character flaw in public to avoid any ridicule or sensationalism by the local media and bloggers.

I am delighted, however, that 51,848 voters saw the need for change. Mayor-elect Jim Lane will make the best of the transition while the Mary Manross will make it difficult by not placing Scottsdale first.

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In response to the town meeting

Ann Brown | Rock Bottom Ranch, Cave Creek

I was at the meeting on Mon, Nov. 17, 2008 for T.C. Thorstenson. It was a disgrace to see, once again, majority of Town Council shut out another amazing opportunity for Cave Creek.

I am an avid horse back rider and a resident of Cave creek. I ride my horses weekly into town and throughout. I have watched as the Western theme of Cave Creek has faded. Cave Creek needs to go back to its roots. If you know T.C., you know he is "Western" – something this town is losing.

It was a shame to see so many residents in support show up on T.C.'s behalf, and then not even get the courtesy to speak! It was obvious that 85 percent of that room was in support for this. The Council seems to only know the phrase "I do not" and it shows as new business owners are turned down and shut out of Cave Creek. This is just another example.

I am not happy with my town's decision and believe that this is a start to a decline in horse/western activities in Cave Creek. So as more stores close down in our little town, don't blame it all on the economy, blame it on the Town Council.

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Confessions of a Catholic Mother

Cynthia Weiss | Cave Creek

I must confess … I vote YES in favor of public education every time.

The personal, selfish greed that has infested our Republic has trickled right on down the Creek to members of this community that say “no” to building private schools in their back yards on the one hand, only to go to the polls and vote “no” against the public schools we already have on the other.

While we are spinning our wheels taking rhetorical pot shots between the left and the right, the clock is ticking. Our schools are falling into disrepair, our high school is becoming overcrowded, and with the recent failure of K-3, we may soon be squeezing more kids into their most critical first classrooms.

Just as all sides agree that this economy is in dire straits, we should also be able to agree that now is not the time to turn our collective back on education for our youngsters.

Strong schools benefit the entire community – left, right and everything in between.

Today’s kids will inherit the challenge of re-establishing our economy, what better reason is there to support their education, to support their schools?

The clock is ticking …

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