Your View | November 19 – 25, 2008

Responsible Cave Creek residents have learned long ago to just ignore Mr. Herb Natker’s constant prattle and goofy demands on the town. As the acknowledged Village Idiot, Mr. Natker’s greatest impact has always been to simply waste everyone’s time. His (and maybe his Mrs.) latest effort, however, to maliciously and spitefully sabotage the Town’s Wild West Days as reported by Sonoran News, is a frightening escalation and certainly borders on the criminal. How dishonest, dangerous and selfish this small, vocal group of “Dark Siders” have become in their quest to mold Cave Creek to suit themselves.

Great editorial, Don. You do have to rethink your position on Hugh Stevens though. The king maker? I don’t think so. Our one term mayor would rather blame (Councilman Bob) Coady for losing his council position rather than admit what a screw up he was. Stevens is just a pathetic old man with more bile than brains.

I knew it all along! The media (ARIZONA REPUBLIC) purposely avoids the term "ILLEGAL ALIEN" because it's a type of protocol to not offend anybody! This is CRAZY! Illegal Alien is a proper term in federal laws! Illegal alien supporters (The Hispanic Bar) are actually trying to CHANGE verbiage now in our courts, just as they have in our media! We need to demand the media uses this term. By using the term Undocumented, it clearly legitimizes a reason for an illegal alien to be in this country! Never forget the term ILLEGAL ALIEN! Use it as often and frequently as you can.

The owners of the "blue roof" house on Rising Sun in Carefree should be totally ashamed of themselves. If one of them was not a lawyer, maybe we would get some justice in this miserable situation.

Have we ever had a Vice President as stupid as Joe Biden?

The election of Mr. Obama to the White House is a total disaster. Is his wife now proud of this dumb country?

Come on, you're complaining about high water prices? You know that's going to come down as soon as they put in the recharge well over at Desert Forest Golf Club. Oh, wait no, no they're putting in a brand new practice facility in that entire area. Oh, well, that's just as good. Hope the golf course stays green with all of your town's water.

Well, the Cave Creek Merchants Chamber is now competing with the businesses it was formed to promote. They got into the western entertainment and rodeo business with the fiasco on T.C. Thorstenson's non-commercial property on Wild West Days weekend and it flopped. They did succeed in bringing a few people into town to watch Chamber funded entertainment in a vacant field with no shade or amenities and a dirty trailer selling $5 hot dogs. Way to put your best foot forward, Cave Creek. I'm sure when you see the sales tax revenues from this last weekend's big draw, you'll wonder why the established businesses showed huge decreases in businesses over previous Wild West Days. Hopefully the Chamber and TC and their selfish ways made enough to bankroll next year's Wild West Days because the local businesses sure didn't. Thanks, Chamber.

I want to report an aggressive move by one of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Officers. Early one morning I was driving down Cave Creek Road and one of them came up behind me tailgating aggressively. I checked my speed and was going the speed limit and could see no reason for him to pull me over. I raised my hands up asking 'what' and pulled into a driveway thinking he wanted to pull me over for some reason. He could easily have passed on the left as there was no traffic. As soon as I pulled over he just drove by me so he was just trying to push me out of the way in the right slow lane. He was just being aggressive. Please put pressure on the town to get rid of or penalize these Gestapo police. What with the Rust's arrest and actions like this, I see no reason for a small town like us to have this kind of police.

After hearing about the action taken on the question of increasing the term of office, we were deeply concerned. Two-year terms give the residents more of an opportunity to have input in running our town, especially since the selection of mayor is done by the Council. We strongly believe the residents should elect the Mayor and this should be on the March referendum.

The continued practice of Council selection of the Mayor and extension of office terms would be a disservice to the residents and can limit the number of new faces, ideas, and solutions to the problems before us. We have a small town with many benefits and a wonderful lifestyle – Let's keep it that way!

The Mayor and Carefree Council now admit the town may be coming into money issues, right after spending $350,000 on faux gas lamps. Where is the foresight and fiscal responsibility? Now a Carefree property tax, on top of current property tax, is being discussed if the coffers diminish as expected. But first, they are proposing changing their terms from 2 years to 4 years before they drop the mismanagement bomb on the citizens.

Talk about a sore loser ... John Traynor has been whining about politics in Carefree for two years since he lost in the last election. His memory of being surprisingly close to being elected doesn't square with the few number of votes he actually got. Get over it, John and get a life.