Your View | November 5-11, 2008

By the time you print this, the election will be over. If BO is the president will we be able to sue for his birth records now? Will Philip Berg, or anyone else, have standing in the courts after the election? This ruling seems to be a classic Catch-22. We can't sue because our status as an individual is too small to be harmed by a president; however, we can't bring a class action case against a president. Huh? What number of people need to be harmed before a suit will be heard by the courts? Do all 300 million American citizens (plus the 12 million+ illegals) have to sue? It would have been helpful if U.S. District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick, would have specified a number in his ruling. Are there any other constitutional means to address this complaint? Do we need to look outside the constitution for remedies? I sure hope this is a moot point by now and McCain won.

Massachusetts is voting on abolishing the state income tax. Yet Carefree's retail sales tax rate of 3.0 percent is not exceeded by any municipality in Arizona. Combined with state and county levies, the total rate is an astounding 9.3 percent. That level is greater even than New York City's rate of 8.375 percent. Even food sales are taxed in Carefree, and there is an additional tax on rooms. In addition Carefree has exorbitant water rates in lieu of a property tax. Isn't it time for the town council to cut taxes and water rates and frivolous spending to aid residents during a difficult economy?

Let me see if I've got this right: The deputy town marshal asks a known criminal, in court for yet another hearing, for his picture and autograph? What the hell kind of law enforcement official is Mr. Hernandez?

Does anyone else wonder how many illegal aliens are working on the Good Un-American, I mean Good Shepherd Church construction project? I do.

In regards to the Sonoran News article published in the Oct. 15 - 21 issue about Barack Obama’s citizenship: I’m very concerned about that and I don’t know why there hasn’t been more done about it. I’d like to know if this has ever been resolved, if he ever showed his legal papers and if he is really fit to be the President of the United States and if he is legally fit. I’d like to know. We only have one week to go and if he’s not a natural American citizen then he has no right running for President of this great country. I’d like to have an answer to this.

Love your paper, however, your stupidity and ignorance can be overwhelming at times "vote no on socialism. Keep our capitalistic republic intact." The government owns the banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies and it looks like they will get into autos and credit cards. If Obama gets in there won’t be anything left to socialize. Wake up and see what this half assed Republican theocracy has done to the economy. We won't even talk about the constitution. A loyal reader.

Carefree town council recently voted to ask voters to approve four-year terms for themselves. Although such a proposal was handily defeated in Cave Creek, it is certain to be ratified by the ruling cult running the town. How long will it be before the good old boys follow Cave Creek's example and vote themselves fancy pay packages for showing up monthly?

The area's two dopiest councilmen, David Schwan in Carefree and Thomas McGuire in Cave Creek, are polling residents about their need for more small-scale public transportation. Apparently they didn't like the proposal for each councilman to donate one hour each week to drive anybody wherever she wants to go. With the local economy in a shambles, they are proposing yet another way to spend money to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

Jerk (Bobby) Hernandez is now seeking a photo and autograph of a criminal (DMX) in the courtroom where I presume he is stationed to keep the peace? Question? Why did the judge allow this behavior? This is a mockery of the justice system. Both embarrassing officials need to be separated from our fair community.

I find it interesting, Don, that your picks in the election are almost identical to those of the Arizona Repulsive. Strange bedfellows!

Carefree's Mayor Fulcher has proposed modest town budget reductions. But residents continue to suffer as metro Phoenix home prices fell over 30 percent in the year ended August 2008. It is time for the town to slash its exorbitant water prices, which are nothing but a property tax in disguise.

I assumed, but perhaps should not have, that the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church applied for and received the proper permits before they started construction. Did town hall really approve a structure of that height? Why? It can’t possibly be within the legal height limits. If it is, they need to be revisited by P&Z followed by a council vote.

It’s Saturday morning and Cave Creek is full of riders on horseback. Too bad Wild West Days and Fiesta Days are the only time we see them.

There must be a way, but we couldn’t find it, to get to the restaurants on Easy Street for a meal during the Thunderbird Art and Wine Festival. Carefree is positively the most unfriendly place for residents AND visitors. The expensive, but artsy signs the town erected boasting what Carefree has to offer do absolutely no good when every street to the business district is blocked off.