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NO on CCUSD Override

Michael A. Pfeffer | Carefree
In early 2005, Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD) proposed a special K-3 override, even though the state legislature was already considering funding all-day kindergarten. When asked about the CCUSD’s haste for a K-3 special election, during a governing board meeting, a senior CCUSD administrator said, “if the legislation passes, the taxes will stop.”

The CCUSD 2005 K-3 override passed by a thin margin (about 100) votes. Shortly thereafter, the state legislature did authorize funding for full-day kindergarten. What happened to the senior administrator’s promise on lowering property taxes; or was he merely “pandering” to the audience to gain votes?

Initially, this state kindergarten funding (about $600,000) was used to pay salary increases for district administrators, staff and teachers; instead of what the taxpayers voted it for! CCUSD has failed to inform the public how these state funds are currently being used.

Why is CCUSD seeking funds now, when the original override isn’t near expiration? District taxpayers are already committed under the 2005 K-3 override to provide full funding for the next two school years (2008-9 & 2009-10) and partial funding for the following two years (2010-11 & 2011-12).

Vot NO on CCUSD's K-3 Override renewal on November 4th.

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CCSOS: Advocacy or a PAC?

CCUSD Watch | Via e-mail
Cave Creek Support Our Schools frequently claims that it is an advocacy organization and not a political action committee.

Well, if CCSOS is going to claim its an advocacy organization and remain non-partisan than it should refuse to take money from Vote YES for Cave Creek Students, which is a registered PAC. According to campaign finance filings with the county, Vote YES for Cave Creek Students paid $550 to CCSOS for 'signup materials'. Presumably, these materials were the signup and volunteer notices given to every student at the start of the school year that were distributed by the district. Vote YES for Cave Creek Students was the failed secret weapon that the administration tried to use to gain passage of the recent override\bond. They raised close to $35,000 with the largest donations coming from the districts construction firm, the district's architect, and CCUSD administration. Vote YES is so inept that they have been fined twice for failing to obey campaign finance laws.

To us this looks like Vote YES is trying to skirt campaign finance laws by directly passing funds from Vote YES to CCSOS. This is truly unfortunate because the district could use an informative and responsive non-partisan group to get information out to the community. If CCSOS wants to be a PAC then be a PAC, but don't try to hoodwink the community by acting non-partisan on one hand, but taking money from Vote YES with the other.

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Even it up Arizona Republic!

Brad R. Burdick | Phoenix
Since a small group of domestic terrorists stands outside the Wells Fargo building protesting the sheriff in favor of illegal immigration, maybe a small group of people should stand out in front of the offices of the Arizona Republic on Van Buren and protest with signs.  They could demand the Republic hire a columnist that has an OPPOSING viewpoint to EJ Montini's pro-illegal alien rants. And lets demand EQUAL time for this future columnist. For every day EJ writes his trash, this new future columnist would be able to write his/her viewpoints, and right on front of the B section! Another demand would be for the Republic to return to it's "Pre-Gannett policy" of using the correct terminology "Illegal Alien" (just like it's used in Federal Laws).

Randy Lovely replaced Ward Bushee as the VP of News and the Editor of the Arizona Republic.  He needs to hear how damaging his publication is to our community by encouraging illegal immigration, and how liberally slanted his publication is. His email address is Contact him today, and demand equal time be given to the immigration reporting. If he can't give equal time, then he should clear out the deadwood like EJ.

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The Arizona Republic or The Democrat Pander?

Ed Taylor | Glendale
When Kevin Willey and Ken Western were running the Op-ed pages of The Republic, facts were checked before items, especially letters, were published. It was a pretty balanced section.

Nowadays, or so it seems, most of the Op-ed staff are too busy doing lap dances for the Democrats and never mind the truth as long as it promotes the Gannett liberal agenda.
Time to change the name of that newspaper anyway. I bet Eugene Pulliam is spinning in his grave. Maybe after the slogan contest for the downtown trolley is finished, they could run one for a new name.

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Script for Hollywood disaster film or prediction of our future?

L. J. Rupp | Carefree
Republicans had their collective butts kicked in 2006 because they'd forgotten what their consituency wanted, namely smaller government and lower spending. They haven't learned much in the ensuing 2 years and will squander the opportunities handed them, practically daily, by idiots like Pelosi and Reid. Witness the about face executed by many GOP when pork appeared in the "rescue" bill presented to them last week. John Shadegg is a great example!

I'll make a fairly safe prediction:
1) Barack H. Obama will win the upcoming election, primarily due to lackluster campaigning by John "The Maverick" McCain.

2) Democrats will hold a significantly increased majority in both houses. (No veto-proof senate is necessary since BHO will approve everything they send to him, unless of course he temporarily forgets and votes "present" instead of just signing the bill.)

3) Taxes will increase, even in the face of the then looming depression simply because Barney Frank will assure us that there's nothing to worry about, like he did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (People earning under $250,000/year will benefit, of course.)
4) A national, single-payor health program will be instituted, designed primarily by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

5) The unemployment rate will increase to 25% with the balance of the work force being re-employed by the federal government, primarily to run the new health-care administration.

6) Illegals will flee the country because the waiting rooms at the ERs will be far too crowded for decent, on-time care.

7) The US will find new allies in the form of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela as a result of "stream-of-conciousness" talks initiated by President Obama.

Thus, the searing hell of a totally socialistic-Democrat-dominated government will repeat, perhaps exceed the ills of the Carter years and we'll be ultimately rescued by a Sarah Palin victory in 2112!

Hope it's not too late.

Except for the real possibility of occurence, this sounds like the story board for a David Zucker movie!

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Obama’s Accomplishments

Craig Cantoni | Via e-mail
Hitler didn’t have any traditional accomplishments either. Nor did Mussolini.

Demagogues don’t need accomplishments.

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Disgusted with it all!

David Alsever | Cave Creek
I have to write in as I read and listen to the filth and bile being written and televised about who we get to blame for the condition we are in. I STRONGLY suggest everyone read E.P.Unum's "The Blame Game' Guest Editorial to open your eyes to this situation. The shared blame in the public sector, government, and individuals centers on our capacity for greed. Was it the homeowner's who knowingly jumped on these subprime loan types? Was it the lending institutions who offered them? I hear, "Carter and Clinton did it!! They deregulated!" True; however, it is Congress that takes these executive 'plans', fills them with fluff and pork, then passes them into law regardless of who is in office. There has been a Republican majority in Congress for virtually 9 of the past 12 years, hammering laws through at will, and I did not see them rushing to 'correct' the evil deregulation passed under Carter and Clinton? Is it their fault? Economists across the board blame the Reagan administration for deregulation passed on his watch that directly caused the S&L scandal. Another multi-billion dollar bailout for the tax-payers AND with links to McCain (palling around with them as Palin likes to say). Should we blame him? Obama has two Fannie/Freddie executives as consultants and McCain has a consultant who has been getting paid directly or to his company for years to lobby on behalf of Fannie /Freddie to remain de-regulated? Is it their fault? Blame blame blame blame...blah blah blah blah. It is GREED across the board plain and simple.

Let it lie. Take responsibility for where you, as an American consumer, and we, as a country, stand know and take action to find a way to fix it. I am not saying forget about past; however, learn and move ahead for a solution instead of standing stagnant and slinging worthless mud. Hopefully the economic pain we as taxpayers will be feeling for these bail-outs will energize us enough to stay focused this time. Remember to vote!! Thank you for your time.

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Major differences in candidates

Donald A. Moskowitz | Londonderry, New Hampshire
Barack Obama is the most inexperienced and mysterious candidate for President in our history.

His national experience comprises four years in the U.S. Senate. John McCain has 26 years in Congress.

Obama has no executive experience. McCain has 22 years of executive experience in the Navy.

Obama denigrates citizenry, and described people in Pennsylvania as bitter, gun carrying, religious people. McCain supports all Americans.

Obama’s teenage mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was identified by the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii as a member of the Communist Party. Obama’s mentor and pastor of 20 years, Reverend Wright, dislikes America. William Ayers, the Weather Underground anarchist, was a campaign supporter for Obama’s run for the Illinois Senate. Tony Rezko, a felon, promoted a real estate transaction for Obama. McCain’s background is impeccable.

Obama will entertain the world’s tyrants , and appease them. McCain’s staff will meet with counterparts and arrange for presidential discussions.

Obama is hiding many of his funding sources. McCain has divulged his sources.
Obama believes in sex education for kindergarteners. McCain does not.

Do we take a chance on a very risky, clandestine Obama, or do we elect McCain,a proven leader and patriot?

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Attaboy, Sorchych!

Art Hademan | Via e-mail
I've been an avid follower of your rag since Rolf Cartharius sent me a copy a few years ago.

I especially enjoy the front page pictures of the low life, law breaking contractors that hire illegals.

Keep up the good work and don't stop writing your editorials.

By the way, where did you find that Fenger gal?

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Auto industry demise

Ray Torres | Scottsdale
Mary Manross’ lack of business understanding is quite clear. In a recent mayoral candidate interview, she used the phrase, “the demise of the American car industry.” Can you just imagine if you we’re the shareholders of General Motors or Ford, and heard that your industry is in ruin and the end is near?

What “chicken little” mentality and utter absurdity for her to equate demise with automobile sales down turn. If it helps at all, she needs to get it straight and go to the General Motors website that addresses common myths and misunderstandings.

Further, Marc Cannon, senior vice president of AutoNation of metro Phoenix market indicated “our dealerships are very much in the black and doing quite well in comparison to the market.”

Scottsdale voters, you have a clear choice—proven business experience and leadership in Jim Lane or a career politician without any real job experience.

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Nothing to do in Congress?

J-P. A. Maldonado | Desert Foothills
You cynics who think we have a do-nothing Congress, be aware that, during the last week in September, Congress declared September to be "National Tortilla Month": no doubt in honor of the September 16 Mexican Independence Day anniversary. Isn't that special?

Now, in the name of fairness, they should declare December to be "National Lutefisk Month."

Oh, wait! I forgot: Norwegians are of European stock, undeserving of such obvious pandering. Never mind!l?

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Calvin Terrell

B. Monroe | Desert Foothills
I have many family members and friends who have had the opportunity to hear Calvin and spend time learning his methods. Many of these are children who go to his two day retreat and come back with different opinions about the world, but also get to express the inner emotions that they keep pent up inside of them. They also get to see that their fellow students all have similar feelings, that they are not alone in their insecurities, problems at home, school issues, etc.

At the end of two days, they bond, form new relationships and go back to school sharing their experiences. Many of the parents have no idea their children have these problems. Not because they are bad parents, but because their children don't open up fully to them.

Calvin also takes over where the school does not or cannot. He is a remarkable man, not perfect, but we seem to always try to look at the negative and tear a person apart that is trying to make a difference. If his only fault is making a student look beyond him or herself, beyond this country to make them more worldly than what is the harm? For all of this I applaud him.

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