Why vote for me?

We need to focus on the future, not the past with new issues facing Cave Creek: Development, Water, and Rural Character.

Experience – Retired USMC Colonel with Infantry and Intelligence tours including three combat deployments leading more than 2,000 personnel. I am a part owner of a specialized technical consulting company supporting the Defense Department and Intelligence Community. As Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company, managed a $150M/yr Profit and Loss center. Numerous awards and citations for excellence. Member of Dream City Church, Scottsdale. Volunteer at Church on the Street in downtown Phoenix mentoring men recovering from homelessness, prison, and drug abuse. 
Development – Review and update town ordinances to both manage growth and support the General Plan.  Be more transparent. Have actual debate at the Council meetings, allow more time for people to speak, not the current three-minute limit. Let citizens identify agenda topics. Meet with citizens and businesses!

Water – The town has sufficient ground water to meet our present needs and current planned growth.  To improve our drought resistance, we must clean the contaminated well(s) in the town core. Fix the water problem on the west side of town by creative use of eminent domain. Negotiate water rights with the State of Arizona on desalinization plant and Salt River Project.

Rural Character – Sales taxes is our primary source of revenue. Focus on encouraging family style western events and recreational activities. Hosting family events grows revenue that supports local artists, craftsmen, museums, and attractions and eliminates the need for property taxes. In the town core, plant native vegetation in public right of ways (Ironwood trees, Saguaro cacti, etc.), add western features (hitching posts, water troughs, etc.), and improve existing sidewalks and paths.

To face future challenges, we must become proactive rather than reactive.

Bryan (Dusty) Rhoades