Support for Peter Sample

During my almost 4 years as a resident of Carefree, having selected this town as our permanent home for its beautiful high desert scenery, I have been given the impression that we all would like to see our town remaining as it is, quaint, unique, quiet immersion into the Sonoran desert. Overtime I started to see less concurrence about this objective with two diverging groups emerging clearly. One pushing for commercial development and the other looking to keep our town as it is while both touting their commitment to preserve its high desert environment, open space feel and relaxed small town atmosphere. Even for newcomers like me it is clear that one of these two groups is proposing contradictory objectives.

This election will present a critically unique opportunity to sort out such contradiction and find real commitment to preserve should that be what the majority decides at the voting booth. There was a momentary glimmer of hope for better understanding when a debate between the two mayor candidates was announced. This should have provided the opportunity to seek clarity and a more educated vote. Unfortunately this hope didn’t last long, the debate got canceled. It is left to each one of us to figure out why it got canceled and whom was not willing to properly inform Carefree voters.

Out of many issues on the table, we can distill the choice before us into two main possibilities. We could decide that experience matters if we like what we have seeing happening to Carefree over the past many years or we can go for change, change of direction toward protecting and preserving. The latter choice is what Peter Sample represents and is committed to deliver. This is why I am supporting Peter and urging all friends and neighbors to vote for him. 
Daniel Crespo-Dubie
Carefree resident