Carefree Stands on the Shoulders of Giants

In a town where egos, self-interests and personal agendas rule the day, we can’t forget that we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. It is sacrilege to want to model Carefree after Old Town Scottsdale. It is irresponsible and reckless to push for developments against the wishes of the residents of Carefree.

Tom Darlington and K. T. Palmer left us an upscale low-density community with a thriving Town Center. Gerry Jones created residential and commercial structures that integrated aesthetically with the surrounding Sonoran Desert. That is why we all moved here. Sven, Duke and I believe that it is not only our obligation but it’s our responsibility to preserve the character of Carefree as it was intended by the founders.

Before we start to rip out and destroy our pristine desert landscape, we must understand our existing commercial structures. Carefree was designed as a town center focused community both economically and socially. If we want to secure our economic basis, we must revitalize our iconic Town Center with the right combination of unique Mom & Pop businesses and a diverse selection of international eateries that cater to the sophisticated palette of Arizonians and visitors alike. Fancy arches and Town Signage Studies do not draw locals and visitors to our Town Center — unique businesses, cool ambiance and fantastic eateries do! As it stands, our beautiful Gardens & Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion (cost $8.5M to complete) are underused, existing businesses are struggling, a dead mall sits in the center of town and we are counting on a Hampton Inn to save us. Is this the best our experienced leaders can do? Carefree residents deserve better.

In this election, Carefree residents have an opportunity to inject 3 new, fresh and innovative perspectives to the Town Council. By voting for us, you are sending a clear message that voters’ wishes must be respected. You are demanding that we must preserve our CAREFREE name and not sell out to developers at any cost for revenue. You are insisting that all future developers/investors must be 100% committed to our aesthetic standards. 

Sven, Duke and I stand for ALL the residents of Carefree and that is why we are running for Town Council. We would be so honored if you would vote for us. Together we can work to restore and preserve the character of Carefree as it was intended by our founders.

Kathlina Lai

Sven Maric

Duke Vukotic

Candidates, Carefree Town Council