Sample not the best choice

Editors note: Sonoran News was contacted by Carefree mayoral candidate Peter Sample to refute inaccurate information contained in the letter below. Please read Mr. Sample’s response at

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Only takes a small sample size to know Peter Sample is wrong for Carefree.

It’s always interesting when election time comes around and a new candidate comes along and already spews false accusations about his opponent stating “My opponent’s actions show favor in stripping the uniqueness away from our town” with no actual examples backing up that statement. The opponent is John Crane, who has served the town diligently with the Carefree resident interest’s always in mind.

Mr. Sample moved to Carefree in spring of 2016. Basically, a relatively new resident. I would believe a candidate should have a good working knowledge of Carefree and most likely could gain that experience by being elected to council or even be a P&Z committee member. Yet Mr. Sample has not been on Council, has not been a P&Z committee member and most likely has not attended a monthly council meeting.

Mr. Sample states he is the owner of a successful production company. Mr. Sample’s business has him spending 2 weeks of every month in California. This basically amounts to spending only 6 months of the year here in Arizona. The current mayor of Carefree is accessible 5 days a week pretty much from 9-5. The mayoral position is not a part time endeavor.
Mr. Sample had aligned himself with the Benedito group which already wasted/cost the town money in perpetual legal fees with their continued opposition to the water storage tank being put in off of Tom Darlington. This group wants to have the water tank project dug back up even after it’s completion at a cost of approximately 8-12 million, pretty much putting the town in a financial deficit that will leave no money in the budget for basics such as road maintenance/paving.

Running a private business is all together different than small town government and understanding it’s procedures and protocols. The truth of the matter with regards to development is that Carefree does not have all this open land to develop. There are only 3 vacant parcels of land left in Carefree to be developed. The Northeast corner of Cave Creek road and Carefree Highway, The Northwest corner of Carefree Highway and Tom Darlington Road and a 49 acre parcel south of Sky Ranch Airport/Cave Creek road adjacent to the Eastwood development. I would entrust the future development of this land to someone who has the best interest of the residents in mind and what is most beneficial to Carefree and that comes with the caring commitment of John Crane to Carefree.

It only takes a small sample size to know Mr. Sample is not the best choice for the Town of Carefree.