Have you thought of the unthinkable?

At the onset of a new service I am providing to clients I am learning that when you provide someone with a scenario that was once unthinkable, they begin a very new, creative, and very constructive way of thinking.
The way we carry ourselves during a routine day tells a lot about what a person believes his or her safety risks might be.

When you look at safety related topics and compare those topics to how a person performs their daily routines you can usually guess what that person perceives to be dangers they might encounter. Then, when you introduce risks that the person did not think were possible, or did not want to believe possible, or just didn’t think of, you’ve just created a new thought process.

When I started my career as a police officer I had my own thoughts of what a routine day on patrol would look like.
The thoughts were created by tv shows I watched, real situations I might have witnessed, discussions I had with retired officers and many other things. I created scenarios in my head and listed what I would do and how I would respond to such scenarios.

However, when I started the job and began training with experienced officers, I encountered one main priority, “my safety,” as a result my thought process changed dramatically. Until I began patrolling with experienced professionals many of my perceived responses to specific scenarios lacked a true safety-first response.

I needed a “get the job done” mentality with a whole lot of “get it done safely” so I can do it again tomorrow.
We all face certain risks every day of our lives, even when we spend the day at home just relaxing on the couch. The risks we face are not just created by our actions and immediate environment. There are outside risks that may present themselves at the spur of the moment. My In-Home Self Defense Assessment stimulates the thought process and introduces possible scenarios that most citizens would never think about. You spend every day in your home and the look and feel of it has become quite routine.

You might look at a closet and think there’s that space that is cluttered and one day I might get to organizing it, but have you looked at it as a possible ‘Safe Room’?

There are many things around your home that could work in your advantage or disadvantage when a life-threatening event occurs within your home. Have you even considered the idea such an event would occur to you?
Have you ever thought about how you would defend your home? Or, in worst case scenario, how would you leave your home. What would you take with you and where would you go? Depending on where you are, if havoc and civil unrest is occurring in your area, can you safely leave?

There are many who would rather not think of these possible scenarios nor plan for them. In the last few years, I’ve seen many more who are now preparing for these things and looking more into self-protection for themselves and their properties.

As former military and law enforcement I’ve seen the worst of the worst. Not only the worst humans but also the crimes committed by them. My heart breaks when an innocent person is victimized, in ways that can change their lives forever, or the unthinkable, do not survive.

My company’s purpose is not to instill fear—it is to make you aware and begin a process that allows you to be ready to defend yourself and the ones you love. Through knowledge and training you can begin a new thought process and be on your way to a safer lifestyle.

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Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified