Thanking Cave Creek for the commitment

Dear friends at Sonoran News I send this as a 50 year town resident. Please don’t take this as someone with a agenda who worked at Rural/Metro Fire and Medical for 38 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic who started in the Cave Creek/Carefree station at Tom Darlington/Cave Creek Road. Then joined Senior Management in my long career which I enjoyed until the bankruptcy then service levels decreased.
That said I honor the RMFD created by Lou Witzeman who only cared about great service and I’m proud I worked for him and all my colleagues as they were amazing, professional and only cared about community period!

Well after the very large dangerous fires in 2020 it was last straw as thanks to AutoAid systems compassion (remember RMFD never joined as they refused to meet the required standards and never would do so) the AutoAid sent over 20 trucks for both major fires.
I thank and honor Mayor, Council members and our great town staff for seeing this as a priority. We now have Daisy Mountain Fire manning hired to run the Cave Creek Fire Department but it’s our department and shows our commitment to our towns safety both Fire and EMS.

I end this by saying the field level Firefighters were never a problem as they did their job at highest level. It was C Suite who only cared about profit!!! I’m sad to see thecompany I worked for now a shell of its former self that was Chief Witzeman’s legacy!!!

Let’s all stand and applaud The Cave Creek Fire and EMS Department on January 3, 2022. I will be there to celebrate and honor our future in AutoAid, Daisy Mountains support and most of all our control for future.

Thank you,

Johnny Ford
Cave Creek resident for over 50 years who loves my town.