RENCO Roofing: valley residents turn to roofers in times of need

PHOENIX – Following nearly two years of poor overall storm activity, Arizona enjoyed a very active monsoon season this year. Locally in and around Cave Creek and Carefree saw eight to ten inches of accumulated rainfall in the area, a welcome gift that transformed the landscape! Unfortunately, all that rain also meant roof leaks for some. 

Why do roofs leak, and what can be done to prevent it? There are many reasons roofs leak, but here, we’ll focus on the two most common.   

Age: The first and most common is age and deterioration of the roofing material, which is normal. The excessive heat summers bring and the cooler temperatures in our winters create a wide temperature range roofs must adjust to. Couple that with the lack of rain and the low humidity levels we love in the Valley of the Sun and thus create the perfect recipe for dry-out and cracking. 

Blockage: The second reason is the inability of roofs to quickly and effectively shed water. Tree debris, dust and dirt accumulation, and other foreign matter on a roof, can cause a roof to not drain properly. But how does this cause leaks? As the water flows and is restricted from its natural path, it will begin to accumulate and pool up while at the same time constantly seeking the path of least resistance. On a tile roof, this could mean the standard vertical overlaps in the underlayment, or on a flat roof, it could be your dryer vent. 

Either way, the water is simply doing what it’s supposed to do, getting to the bottom of it.  
Homeowners can rest assured there are alternatives to participating in the added stress roof leaks can bring. Preventative maintenance and proactively updating your roof within the specified service life of your roof system are two options to consider. 

If you need a roofer or want to explore your options regarding your roof, turn to RENCO Roofing.

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