Seniors and dehydration

Dear Sir:
I was at the Summit Shopping center when a young at heart senior suffered a fall.
The wonderful Summit Diner employees brought her into the restaurant and we made the decision to call an ambulance for her.
My husband and I asked for her car keys and my husband followed me as I drove her car to her home. Concerned about her being alone (her husband had recently passed) and no family, we finally figured out she had friends in Mesa and the housekeeper would telephone them.

If you are a young at heart senior, please establish a contact for an emergency. It can be a family member, neighbor, friend from church, church nurse, or friend from class. Have their number on your phone or in your purse or wallet. Don’t be embarrassed to call and ask for help. We’ve all been in that position!

When you have that emergency contact, write down your meds and health conditions, even your doctor. Medic Alert is a good resource. Have money in your purse if you are released, so you can take a cab home. If you have a smart phone, download the Uber or Lyft App., so you can call them to take you home.

One of the biggest problems for seniors is dehydration. We should all be drinking at least eight ounces of liquid six to eight times a day.

Leslie Fajardo
Cave Creek