“Smell Gone; Stink Remains: Summary”

Liberty Ratepayers, Yes, it is almost over, but our task to totally defeat the “Stink” of their compromised increase of $15/month remains before us.

This time we have a better opportunity! The Arizona Corporate Commission membership has changed. Those recently elected already seem to be much more responsive to the ratepayers, beginning with the new Chairperson, Ms. Lea Marquez Peterson.
This time we have more facts of Liberty’s misrepresentations within their testimony of their rationale for even the compromised increase of “only” a 20% increase, which they are now expecting us to applaud.
This time we have the support of the Residential Utility Consumer Office (RUCO) and 5 HOAs representing about 1,500 ratepayers.

This time we have Resolutions opposing the increase passed by:
The City of Scottsdale
The Town of Carefree
The Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce
Yes, we have been working very hard to get to where we are on your behalf, but now we need YOU to send another letter to the ACC Commissioners opposing even the compromised $15/month increase.

You may wish to point out these facts to the Commissioners:

  1. The ACC Financial Staff, the RUCO Staff, and the HOA expert witness all challenged and successfully destroyed Liberty’s financial rationale for the original 42% increase including getting Liberty to admit even their annual reports were incorrectly stated.
  2. Liberty fully admitted their original cost estimates for the closure of the plant were NOT based on detailed engineering and design analysis, nor did their estimates include actual site conditions nor municipal sewer design and placement requirements.
  3. Liberty’s management team squandered their decision making timing by a full decade which increased the cost of this project. Their cost estimates noted in the ACC agreements of $3.8 million actually came in, when the plant was finally closed, at over $11 million.
    And now, Liberty is expecting us to “make them whole” for this gross error in their “expert utility team’s” project control.
    I say, the ratepayers had to wait for two decades for Liberty to close the noxious odor producing plant, let Liberty wait for a similar time at $80 / month to pay it off.
    What do you say? Then write to the Commissioners and let them know your feelings. Let them hear your applause in your letter of opposition to ANY increase… loud and clear.
    Just mail them to the Commissions at:
    AZ Corporate Commission
    Docket Control # SW—02361A-19-0139
    1200 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ, 85007
    Or Email to: RTallman@AZCC.gov
    Many thanks,

Bob Moore