What price, dignity?

Dignity is a word overused and misused in my opinion in association with the soon to be inaugurated president. At what price is dignity? And who can claim it? Perhaps dignity, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. For the price of dignity, as many call the Biden victorious election, we stand at the threshold of losing our democracy. The radicals winning seats in 2016 in our government were scoffed at by most of us. We thought surely their tyrannical ideas for this country were not to be taken seriously. It would appear that they have now gained a foothold under a to-be president who seemingly has not strong convictions of his own. Is he too old? As someone older than he is I don’t like to think the old lose their values. Most seniors I talk to have not.

We were made of sterner stuff. We don’t expect something for nothing; we don’t want something for nothing; we don’t respect those who seek something for nothing. We are willing to pay our fair share and more to those who genuinely need it. Americans are generous to a fault. We have bailed out other countries in their times of crisis, we have footed the majority of the bills of WHO, NATO, the Paris Climate ACCORD, Iran in exchange for cooperating on nuclear arsenal which was never forthcoming. 73 million of us support law and order. We don’t want domestic terrorists destroying our cities, murdering innocent men, women and children. We don’t want hoodlums roaming our streets causing fear to reign. We want a police force in place to protect us. We don’t want a media to give us their views. We don’t want a media that supports one side. We want a two party system.

We want respect for, not ridicule of our leaders. We want a strong military in the event we need it hoping that we won’t. Arizona was one of 5 states polled regarding how much media censorship affected their vote. “35.4% of Biden voters were unaware of the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations. 45.1% were unaware of the financial scandal involving Joe Biden and his son. 25.3% of Biden voters said they were unaware of Kamala Harris’s left wing ideology. 39.4% said they didn’t know that President Trump had record breaking unemployment numbers. 49% had no idea about President Trump’s record breaking GDP numbers. 43.5% had not heard about President Trump’s historic Middle East peace deals. 36.1% did not know about Trump’s key role in Operation Warp Speed that led to the production of vaccines in record time. Many did not know that the United States became energy independent.”
Did they know that Trump has done more for the Black population in 4 years than our Black president did in 8 years? Did they know about how Trump all but decimated ISIS? Is this fairness in media coverage?

Back to dignity. Was it dignified for The Speaker of the House to tear up the State of the Union address in front of the world? Was it “dignified” for the Majority Leader of the House to say he wanted to “change America? Is it “dignity” Michelle and Barrack Obama show us when they cry “racist” at every opportunity. Is it indeed a racist country who elected him into office for 8 years, bought their books, helped pay for their education, etc. Where does appreciation fit in for all that this country has done for its citizens, whatever their skin color? Why do so many from other countries hasten to our shores if we are indeed racists? Is it honorable for Obama to call out Hispanics for voting for Trump – criticizing them for having values such as anti abortion and gay rights. Is it honorable for him to suggest Trump put illegals in cages when he himself built them? Is it fair for the media to go along with these lies? Is it fair for the mainstream media to ignore Trumps accomplishments? He made promises for this country in 2016. He kept them. – the first President to do so. What did Biden promise us? To get rid of this virus? Does anyone believe it will magically go away on January 20? Could he have done more than our sitting President has done? We now have vaccines being distributed. Could this have been accomplished by a Biden who thought Trump stopping flights from China in March a bad idea. He was willing to “wait and see” while Trump acted. Every state that requested Federal aid to their states got it -most notably New York City. What was our Congress doing at this time? Trying to impeach a President because of a phone call to Ukraine. And speaking of abuse of power and Ukraine, why wasn’t the Biden family investigated for monies given them as well as from China and Russia. Was that honorable or dignified for a Vice President to have a Ukrainian attorney fired who was looking into the corruption of the Bidens. Not to beleaguer the Russian hoax scandal which it was and when it was proven to be a hoax did it make headlines? Was it even mentioned by the Rachel Maddoxes and Joy Behars whose dignity is very questionable.

Biden promises to be the president of everyone. His appointments thus far show no originality but more of the failed 8 years of his vice presidency. It’s back to the swamp folks. A high price for “dignity.”

But we will survive. And it won’t be through lashing out with hatred and false accusations. Truth will come out and our sitting President has shown us what independence from foreign nations feels like and how America was great again and it will be great again.

Carol Wood