Cave Creek Town Council works on budget

Prior to the regularly scheduled meeting for Monday, June 15, the Cave Creek Town Council spent the better part of the afternoon going over the budget. No action was taken as it was discussion only. A tentative schedule for a public hearing was set for June 22. Check the town web site for changes in dates, times.

The evening meeting was devoted primarily to public comment and a presentation/update on the Dark Skies initiative.
Public comment was fairly passionate and centered around fire and water. Residents related harrowing experiences during the latest series of wildfires, noting the importance of available water, hoses and most importantly, having generators. Confusion and lack of direction by some responders were of concern, but far more complimentary to all the efforts at the time.

Other public comment centered over the controversy of damming up certain creek areas to facilitate passage, whereas, the response was not building dams, but rather cultivating a grade that alleviates the overflow. There was more than a little angst over several agencies that were exhibiting little concern for the health and welfare of local residents.

Financial Director slot to be filled

The Town of Cave Creek gave their 30 day notice to not renew their contract with Educational Services Inc. through which the Financial Director was hired. The contract was set to end on Tuesday, June 30. They have decided to seek a direct employee instead and have listed the position as available on their website. The first review began on Sunday, May 28. The details regarding the position can be found at the following web address: