Local elections are quite a way off, but both “Troubadour” Bunch and Eileen Wright have pulled mayoral packets. For Council, Ex-Vice Mayor Ron Sova, C. W. Jensen, Anna Marsolo and Ex-Council member Mark Lipsky have pulled packets.

I repeat that Maricopa County failed their duty by allowing Paul Diefenderfer onto the Cave Creek Town Council even though he didn’t have the necessary Cave Creek petition signatures. County rule allows only 10 days for review so I am sure we and others will do the necessary work. We don’t need any more councilmen who receive favored treatment by town staff or officials.

Sonoran News is planning a candidate forum but we are waiting to see the effects of the Coronavirus before we establish a date and location.

The current council led by Troubadour Bunch is guilty of Corporate Capitalism. They allow two businesses to load their parking lots with outside merchants and park motorcycles on closed roads. Motorcycles also park on bicycle paths which is illegal. The Roadhouse sign is on town property. Toby Payne who has done more for the town than the town has done for him researched what revenue parking on their property yielded for owners and it was $80,000.

As cash businesses Cave Creek could insist on audits by the state but Corporate Capitalists don’t do that.

After the council screwed up Cave Creek Road and bragged about it, they just sought and in January, were awarded a $40,000 grant from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) for a Pedestrian Safety Study that officially kicked off on December 30, 2019. MAG consultants, who will conduct the study, will evaluate previous Town traffic studies and make recommendations for placement of traffic warning devices, crosswalks, regulatory signs, and signage and striping. More impediments to piss off residents.

In case you haven’t noticed it, one must go through Carefree from the east and west to come here. Tired of motorcycle roars and speed, they are establishing check points during Bike Week to control traffic.

And who was it who gave our court to Carefree? Hope they are having fun with it!