According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, on Dec 19, 2019 the Democrats had their last debate for the year, and once again it was painful to watch. According to Pvt. South smiling Joe still has a shot as being on the ticket with a female by his side, (has to be). Will it be the popular Pocahontas, (no).  OK, if no one has enough votes to get the nomination on the first round, then it can go to anyone on the second round etc. All those millions of dollars spent on weak candidates went down the drain, (time to get a grip). On the second round it could be Hillary again, and if that is not funny enough, her running mate could be Michelle. Sweet Nancy shot back, she does not hate anyone, but just look at some of our current members of Congress, especially the women, (WOW). She is in charge of the party of hate, now that may sound ugly, but just listen to those suckers, including Hollywood.  Now after three years in, the Stock Market is up 10,000 points, people are working more and our Military and country has become great again. All the good economic news means nothing to Democrats because Trump beat their queen, so he had to be impeached. Slick Willie got impeached so they had to get even.

In my Ole’ Kentucky Home, a Republican Governor Matt Bevin pardoned a bunch of convicts and my local liberal daily, posted photos of 336 adorable looking folks that he let out before he left office, (stupid and ridiculous, but dearly beloved, legal).  Slick Willie pardoned some savory characters before he left office that helped fund the Clinton Foundation, (is this a great country or what).

In my last Pvt South I stated Fox News was not showing enough of the Trump rallies and that the White House should put it on public TV. Dearly beloved they do, all I had to do is switch to channel 22. OK,  a Private can make mistakes, on the other hand, if I had ever made it to Corporal, I would probably want to rule the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020.

Pvt. South