Stargazer: Nov. 6-12, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Venus, known to the ancients as the goddess of love, makes an unusual number of aspects to the other planets this week.  This suggests that many of us will be preoccupied with issues and interests concerning our involvement with others.  Venus rules not only romantic love, but also the principle of relatedness among people, whatever that relationship may be.  The free flowing aspects of Venus this week favor non sexual friendships.  The tenser aspect is connected to our closest intimates, the ones with whom we share our sexuality or our money and material resources.  These two human interests, sex and finances, lend themselves to overt and subtle issues of control.  During tension aspects of Venus we are more easily drawn into battles over power unless we consciously circumvent the impulse to manipulate others.

Aries:   This is a good time for a getaway trip, maybe a three day weekend.  You and your partner may choose to go together or you might have an agreement to go separately.  A little breather would be refreshing.  Favorable energy surrounds activities involving education, legal interests, and the internet.

Taurus:  You are strongly supported by your belief system and/or philosophy of life at this time.  It will give you faith to continue forward through any number of important projects, even those that are challenging.

Gemini:  Your frame of mind is generally cooperative.  You will be an asset to any collective project because you intuitively know what needs to be done next.  You can persuade others to follow your lead at this time.

Cancer:  Mercury, planet of communications is offering you no favors right now.  You may have misunderstandings with children, friends, or coworkers.  These are passing aspects which will not prove to have dramatic impact on your life.  Don’t make them more powerful than they really are.

Leo:   You and the authority figures in your world are cooperating and helping each other accomplish a project.  Your mind is both steady and imaginative now, able to see how one thing flows into the next.  At times like these, “work” becomes a positive experience.  It integrates with your personal rhythm and feels smooth.

Virgo:  This is a good time to study or review material that you learned in the past.  It is also a good time to make a short journey to a place of your past.  It’s possible that you do not have to go in body, but can use today’s communication systems to achieve your purpose.

Libra: Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship.  One or the other of you is probably trying to hang onto what is familiar.  Changes and growth must be allowed to happen or the relationship will become stale.  Let things flow naturally. Don’t jump to conclusions or make problems bigger than they are.

Scorpio the Phoenix:  (Oct. 23 — Nov 20)  Let yourself be open to the possibility of helping one or more others.  You will be surprised at how much better you will feel about yourself.  Even if you feel depressed, giving to someone else will give you a more positive perspective on your value.

Sagittarius:  You are feeling pressured to complete one or more projects this month.  This is a time of general closure over the past year.  You may intuitively know that the scenario will change in a significant way in December.  You can manage to accomplish those things that will be significant to you in the future.  Let go of small details that don’t support your major thrust.

Capricorn:  You are enjoying a period of several weeks during which you see results from your beliefs about life.  It has been a long time coming, but if you look your situation over from a bird’s eye view, you will realize how all this work on yourself has been a blessing.

Aquarius:  This is a good time to go on a retreat with your partner, or even with just your inner self.  Any relationship issue can be resolved if you hold onto the higher value of respectful love.  Establish that as a ground rule and you can tackle almost anything together.

Pisces:   Communication with those from a distance will be favorable and supportive to your soul self.  The time is auspicious for activities related to travel, the internet, publishing, teaching, higher education, and the law.  You have a poetic turn of mind at this time.  You likely will enjoy reading spiritual or philosophical material.

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