According to Pvt. South

Dearly beloved, Hollywood has a new JOKER movie and of course the dude is evil, but Tinsel Town also has a Downhome Joker by the name of, Deniro and he plays the “the Trump hater card perfectly.” In the past Hollywood had a great image when it had Ronald Regan and Bob Hope, but look at it now with its homeless, tents, trash and don’t forget the rats. Word just came in gas is going to $6 a gallon, (just paid $2.38 for a fill up in Derby city, (Lou, KY). Hello LA? So the big question for the folks in California, why would you actually vote for more of that???

Why are the Democrats (the party of hate), going full speed ahead for impeachment including Joe Biden. (Time Out), where would America be today, three years in, if Hillary would have won? Currently, “We the People” are doing great. The Market is way up because of Trump, (remember it is the economy stupid), more people have been going back to work and our military is now strong again after Obama. The Democrats are now convinced they must impeach Trump early, otherwise he will win in the General election, (makes sense to them).

Queen Hillary is considering to go down in History as a three time looser and run again. Ok! WHY? She might do it for the money (the Clinton Foundation), and cry all the way to the bank. The Liberal press has done a great job keeping the painting of Slick Willie in a blue dress and red high heels, (belonging to you know who). Right now MUM is the word, if she runs, (BANG). On the other hand, “What difference does it make” For a fun and exciting ticket, how about Hillary and Michelle, (Perfect).

Rep. Adam Shiff, has become the joker in Congress and not forgetting Maxine Waters, the Aunt Ester of the 116th Congress, they make a great pair of book ends.  Just think if all those mentally challenged Democrats in Congress win the White House, they will be in charge of America for the next four years. (Something to think about.)

Who is behind the curtain pushing the Democrats to say and do goofy things just to win the White House? How about George Sores, Bill, Hillary, Obama, the Press and Mr. X.  OK it is a big curtain. Remember dearly beloved, (A lie is as good as the truth, if everyone believes it.  This worked for Hitler, Bush 41 and Obama, (Didn’t it?)

PVT South