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New York……..guards on Jeffery Epstein unit were working extreme overtime shifts to make up for staffing shortages the morning of his apparent suicide. (Sure they were). Just because Bill and Jeffery made a few clandestine trips together in his private Jet is no big deal. (Really).

Throwing water on Policeman in New York city and getting away with it, is what you can now expect in some liberal controlled cities, remember Ferguson, or have you already forgotten? Unfortunately most cities that are controlled by Democrats, (the party of hate), have little or no respect for authority. Why is it every time there is a shooting, you hear the same thing, background check, gun control and the NRA. How about the Shooters? Why not pay more attention to that? Now it is Philadelphia, six police offers shot, why not concentrate on the shooter not gun control?

Hong Kong may start looking like El Paso or Dayton in the future because China only play’s (total control).Hong Kong was a business jewel in the past and when it was turned over to China, it was supposed to be Business as Usual. Time is also running out for Taiwan. (Can they wait until to 2020?)

How about the richest city in the world, Dubai, located half way around the world, in the Persian Gulf, has little or no crime, (strict rules), because the people living there, know their government MEANS what it says. Their government is controlled by a Crown Prince!  This an Emirates and has a population of over 2 million people. Their culture is quite different and their rules are strictly enforced, for instance, the Dubai Police has a Zero Tolerance approach. Crossing your legs showing the bottom of your shoes is NO NO…….remember when former President Bush, 43, was at a News Meeting in a foreign country and some dud threw shoes at the President, because shoes are an insult! I have friends that have been to Dubai and now live there. RESPECT is the key to living there. So many Americans need to learn the meaning of respect and put it into action, (this includes all candidates running for office) in our country.

Our election for President, is over a year away…….now ask yourself…….honestly, is any of the  Democratic candidate’s capable of becoming Commander In Chief ?  President Trump is so hated because he has been building up America all his life. He is one of us……not a politician. According to the Media and Press, they are cheerleaders for the Democratic Party disguised as Journalist. (2020 is going to be a real wake up call.)  

Pvt South