Dear Editor,

If we are really going to expand health care coverage to more Arizonans and Americans, the Democratic presidential candidates should focus on addressing the problems within the ACA and building upon the aspects that are currently working well—not introducing new plans that will undercut or destroy the ACA completely.  The most recent proposal came from Vice President Joe Biden, who’s health care proposal contains a number of key provisions that would help more Americans get covered and potentially lower health care costs.  The problem with it is that he also attempts to attract support from those calling for Medicare for All by including the public option. This is a mistake if he truly wants to stabilize and strengthen the ACA.  A public option would cause premiums for private plans to increase and would work against protecting the ACA. Most Americans want to fix the problems within the ACA so that it covers more people with high-quality, comprehensive health care. If Democrats want a shot at taking back the presidency, focusing on practical solutions to address the state of health care in our country is a strong path to victory.


Karen Kruse