Weeds gone

Don Sorchych, my view

We managed to get busy landscapers out to clear weeds about 35 feet from our house and buildings.

What a great change!

Shari Jo and I kept watch on the east side of the house and we had return of quail, doves and especially our Roadrunner who has been with us for years. We haven’t seen any of the three bobcats that frequent our space.

We recognize the Roadrunner by the extra long tail and behavior.

He was busy all day as if saying this is my water and my land. He visited the water source countless times, chased away quail and was chased away by quail.

That side of our house is circled with a porch five feet off the ground and quail and other birds hang around in the shade.

The roadrunner dug a cool spot in shade and kept watch over the birds under the porch. The birds, especially quail, didn’t like his presence and they chirped in anger for hours. Finally a group of five quail got out from under the porch and rushed him and he left. He came back later.

It was quite a circus!

Before we cleared the weeds I shot several pictures of a large snake drinking water. At first we thought it was a rattler and I almost loaded snake shot to kill it. But Shari Jo noticed its color and size and then its head which was not the head of a venomous snake. She looked it up online and it appeared to be Coachwhip snake, the same family as the Red Racer but much larger, as long as six feet.

Before the landscaping I got a picture of the female bobcat drinking while keeping her eye on me.

Please note an excellent letter from Cave Creek citizen Alvin Zeman titled “Paradise Lost” and signed “Disgusted.”

Yes, we need a new mayor and council.