Paradise lost

A few years ago, we all considered Cave Creek a rural, western town. Anyone who thinks that now has their eyes closed.

Apparently, our town government thinks the residents are a bunch of senile, old fogeys. It used to be, any licensed driver could easily identify a crosswalk. Now, we have numerous vertical barriers and signs at each crosswalk to identify it. I noticed we now have new signs telling us there will be a crosswalk. Ditto with the stop signs. It used to be that all drivers knew what a stop sign meant. Now, the town feels residents need a flashing light with the stop sign and an earlier sign telling us there will be a stop sign.

The folks complaining about the business signs are missing the point. If you got rid of them all, it would still be an ugly town due to the signs the town is putting up.

Apparently, we are in a race to see how many signs we can put up where none ( or maybe one) would suffice.

Find me a rural western town (or even a non-western town) with the number of town signs we have.


Alvin Zeman
Cave Creek