(Editor’s note: if a letter is posted after deadlines or after the event, it is because we try to acknowledge the author’s effort and its relevance to the community.)

So I am driving home from Harold’s tonight July 3rd and I am very thankful for all I have and our great Town of Cave Creek. We had good crowd at Harold’s that came out to celebrate our glow stick party, I thank you all 300 + and the CCIB. As I was driving home on Carefree hwy. I see fireworks in a distance from Anthem community. I think back over the 25 of the last 28 years.

Cave Creek use to celebrate America’s independence and the Cave Creek community would come out and celebrate our Country and our Town over 5000 people not 300 people enjoying  the freedoms we have because of our Independence . Then I thought how is this possible no fireworks in Cave Creek and how disappointing not to have that 25 year tradition continue, what changed ? The answer is nothing has. I know fire danger is high in the middle of Tonto National Forest it has been for all previous years. I know it is risky if you do not have trained pyrotechnicians and Rural Metro Fire department support. Then I think to myself 25 years over 40 shows never a threat of a fire incident, surely we must of been in high Fire danger? Over 40 shows standing hand in hand with Rural Metro fire department approving supporting and being there with trucks and firefighters for our safety never and I do mean never an issue.

One year in fact  we raised over $25,0000 for the fallen hot shot firefighters who lost there lives. How can this be no fireworks, when we made arrangements to go to a smaller shell and have Rural Metro provide a plan of safety. We would have a fall out area over a dirt parking lot dirt can not catch on fire. The answer I came up with is town leadership that lacks character or common sense and bends the knee to a vocal minority all except 2 members. A Town employee who has less qualifications than a Rural Metro Fire Chief now makes the decision on fire risk. Ask yourself 3 questions why has Rural Metro supported over 40 shows in 25 years.

Why do over 30 communities in the same fire danger level have shows, and why only two members of our City council even considered a conversation of revisiting our code Paul Diefenderfer and Kathryn Bikos Royer . I understand the optics and politics but good leadership starts with listeners and common sense and only Paul and Kathryn showed good leadership. Enjoy your freedoms this holiday week be safe and remember to vote for good leaders in the next election. God Bless America. Happy 4th of July.

Daniel Piacquadio
Cave Creek