Stargazer: July 3 – 9, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs: This month is having a rough start.  On July 2 we experienced a new moon eclipse in Cancer, which often precipitates crises, especially related to security, housing and our families.  The USA is a Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Now Mercury, our old traveling buddy, turns retrograde in the sign of Leo on July 7, 2019, moving backward toward Cancer.  It remains in Cancer for three weeks.  While in this sign it opposes the heavy duty cluster of Capricorn planets.  All of this suggests drums of war, then no war, and then war again.  The sky appears as though the decision is waffling.  I vote against war, but the Powers That Be will do whatever they want.  This is not a month to make major decisions, although the eclipsing system may force them upon us unbidden.

Aries: It is important that you have mental activity this week.  If your mind is not productive, then you may become irritable and say things you don’t really mean.  You want to take the initiative in romance and this is a good time for that.  If you are with children, play really active games.  Wear them out.

Taurus:  Venus is your ruling planet and “she” represents your cooperative and affable personality, along with your attraction to beauty in all its forms.  Between July 3 and July 26 she is traveling through the sector which is related to home, property and family matters.  You may want to make the environment more attractive, whether at home or at work.

Gemini:  Please note the lead paragraph.  Your ruling planet is Mercury, which is changing directions this week.  You may be subject to impulsive decisions.  If you are waffling on an opinion the best response is “no, wait”.  You likely don’t have all the necessary information for a clear judgment. 

Cancer:  (June 20 – July 21)  The new moon eclipse in your sign may open a new thought process about your personal identity.  How do you wish to define yourself before the world?  What do you need in order to improve your relationships?  Patterns from your childhood history may need to be uncovered, repaired or removed in order to allow your growth into more mature relationships.    

Leo the Lion:  Give attention to the lead paragraph.  Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign and will be more likely to affect your daily affairs than many of the other signs.  Don’t even try to finalize anything while a retrograding Mercury is with you.  You may even reverse decisions which you have recently made.

Virgo:  Over the next few weeks you may want to contact people who have been significant in your past.  It is time to dig deeply into yourself so you can be as fully honest as possible within important relationships.  Speak from your heart and do not allow your ego, which wants only to look good, to take your words hostage.

Libra:  The new moon eclipse occurs in the territory that defines your life direction.  Circumstances may change, pressuring you to alter your previous path.  Something new may develop that catches your attention.  Your leadership gifts come to the foreground at this time.

Scorpio:  You are in the mood to learn.  You want to pursue information that will help you move in your life direction.  Talking, texting, emails and browsing the internet are prominent among your activities of the week.  Use tact when expressing opinions.  Your tone of voice may present as fact, when really it is your personal viewpoint.

Sagittarius:  Take yourself outdoors this week and enjoy the summer weather.  Go somewhere or do an activity that soothes your nerves and offers peaceIt is possible that you need to blow off steam in a heavy exercise.  Travel and seeing new scenery will allow you to relax and get away from stressors.

Capricorn:  This is a week of scrutiny.  It is possible that you are being tested now.  You will get what you deserve.  If you have prepared well, you will win the prize or the honor.   You may have begun a challenging project during late fall/winter which is now ready for unveiling and evaluation.

Aquarius:  You may feel isolated or as though no one around you can possibly understand who or what you are.  In some way life circumstances may be preventing you from communicating.  The inner critic could overrun your mind if you allow it.  Remember that feelings come and go like waves.  They never remain the same.   

Pisces:  Take every precaution not to abuse your body during this period.  Drugs or alcohol could have peculiar side effects that you don’t understand.  You are in a low physical cycle and will be unable to push yourself as hard as normal on any physical task.  If you are affected emotionally, try not to worry about it.  Your body/feelings will right themselves in due time.

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